Microsoft: Xbox One Does Not Support Vertical Orientation

This is another interesting design choice from Microsoft on Xbox One. You won’t be able to use your Xbox One in vertical orientation. Microsoft’s own Xbox 360 which features tray loading drive supports vertical orientation. Also Sony’s PS3 and PS4 which sports slot loading drive supports vertical orientation. Microsoft’s senior director of product management and planning at Xbox, Albert Panello confirmed that Xbox One should be used only horizontally.

“We don’t support vertical orientation; do it at your own risk,” he said. “It wouldn’t be a cooling problem, we just didn’t design the drive for vertical. Because it’s a slot loading drive, we just didn’t design it for both.”

“we found…that 80 percent of people, believe it or not, have their Xbox 360 horizontally.”

The rest 20% of the people who use their console vertically might find it annoying with Xbox One. What do you think?

via: CNET

  • Drewidian

    Yeah… I’m ok with this.

    • techieg

      Just as you won’t vertically place any entertainment system in your living room, this is an all-round entertainment systems in one and not just a gaming system like the others. So it is perfect.

      • SocalBrian

        Microsoft’s own numbers indicate that this may be an issue for 20% of users. I suspect that in places like Asia, where living spaces tend to be smaller, that this could be a big issue.

        • nohone

          Since Xbox does not sell well in places like Japan, this is not much of an issue. Of course, it is not much of an issue for the PS4 right now, either, since Sony is delaying shipping there.

          • SocalBrian

            Yet you would think they would be doing everything they could to get out of 3rd place – especially with Nintendo stumbling and the competition from casual gaming vying for game makers attention (and budgets).

        • techieg

          I beg to differ because in those same countries they have other entertainment systems such as amplifiers that only support horizontal orientation, they just need to sit XB1 on the rest of them…just as the rest of the world.

          • SocalBrian

            You need to wander through an electronics store in one of these countries.

  • donzebe

    I found the horizontal position the best for any box player running a disc. A Vertical position is actually for those who have serious space problems.

    • Lundon Clark

      I wouldn’t say my space problems are serious though I do have a dilemma now trying to figure out where this can go in my entertainment unit. My 360 sits vertically currently and my horizontal space is taken up by 3 devices, my cable box, blu-ray player and my home theatre amp. This is actually my only complaint about the new Xbox being I can’t stand it vertical. Time to get creative!

      • Yuan Taizong

        Well, as more and more boxes are being placed next to the average T.V. Microsoft must keep its word and work on making the Xbox the truely One device your T.V. needs.

      • nohone

        With the X1 you do not need a seperate Blu Ray player any more.

        • Lundon Clark

          Even for 3D blu-rays though?

    • CX1

      My 1st gen PS3 always seemed like it would fall over in vertical orientation.

  • Il Baffo

    First world problems

  • scribbins

    If you plan on only using digital downloads, like me, then you can use it in either orientation.

  • Yuan Taizong

    I’ve always hated the vertical stand, which is why I went with PlayStation every generation before, so hello Xbox then…

    • SocalBrian

      You can use the PlayStation in vertical or horizontal orientation, not sure what your point is.

  • CX1

    OMG! Burn down the Internet!

  • RadiusK

    I had my Xbox 360 positioned vertically for a while. It was cool, until it fell over and broke my copy of Fable 2. Been having it horizontally ever since lol.

  • Blaze Blue

    Um this is not new. It’s already had been said that it would not do this.

  • daryl welch

    It don’t bother me , but it doest matter what % of people use it or doesn’t use it should have been left in

  • NegLewis

    THIS is great. :)
    That means … XBox will not be able to track me from that position.

  • jimski27

    Well, it its more than 2.5″ tall, guess I need a new TV. Or I can put it on top (or underneath) my 125 degree cable box/DVR. Not good choices for me.

  • Nicholas Coulter

    I don’t see the problem. It’s a design decision that makes sense. While the XBox 360 was designed to do both, the system is still a console, and therefore doesn’t have that sturdy of a base. I actually had my dog knock over my xbox while my brother was playing Guitar Hero. The game was ruined. Consoles were originally designed to be set horizontally it was only the first PS2 that had us wanting to all of a sudden want our consoles vertical. (afaik). Those small percentage of the twenty percent who actually have an issue with this can just buy a PS4.