Microsoft: Xbox One Hardware Issues Affects Very Small Number Of Xbox One Customers

Yesterday, we reported that few Xbox One customers are reporting hardware issues with the units they received yesterday. Microsoft today responded to these reports that they are replacing the faulty Xbox One units to the few customers who are affected.

The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers. We’re working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program. Rest assured, we are taking care of our customers.

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  • Bertrum

    Well eventually as the repair loggin system has only just come back online.

  • Bertrum

    That’s odd my comment “mysteriously” dissapeared

  • BIAS

    Just scratches? At least it isn’t the red line O’ death.

  • omMarcus Asdrubal C. Navarro

    When is Sony PS4 this site made a big article, like is the end of that vídeo-game. When is Xbox One, a small note.
    Sorry, When Daniel Rubino said that this site is a piece of crap, I didn’t agree. Right now I have to agree with him.

    Sadly a too biased site…..

    • GG002

      The problem is that sites like these are needed because virtually every other site out there is heavily biased AWAY from anything Microsoft. Look at for example The Verge.. so much crap said about Xbox One and so much praise for PS4, and yet, the XB1 has a higher score in the end. The numbers couldn’t lie, but the level of bias in the review was astronomically in favour of PS4.

      Also, I like Daniel Rubino, but he’s kind of a wimp, being scared to say too much since there are sister sites within MobileNations.

    • surilamin

      I suggest you look at the first post about this topic, as much coverage as PS4:

      Also, I have nothing against Daniel Rubino, I think he runs a perfectly fine touchy-feely site :)

    • nohone

      Wait, so you dislike this site saying something negative about the PS4, but then some guy says something negative about this site and you agree with him?

      The fact is that the problem with the PS4 was much more wide spread. Around noon (my time) the day after release, there was over 400 Amazon verified PS4 purchasers with BLOD. At 5:00 my time X1 has 90. Amazon had a 40% 1:5 star rate, X1 has a 28% 1:5 star rate and there are way more unverified 1 star ratings on the X1. The problems with the X1 are varied, a few broken controllers (you can walk into any Microsoft store and exchange it for a new one), some broken drives, and from the pictures above, one with scratches – which the person who received that console made to sound like it “is the end of that vídeo-game.” To me, that scratched console, which also had a testing disk in it, seemed like a QC device, where they pull every #X off the assembly line and test it, but it was mistakenly shipped. Microsoft has said that those with broken devices will receive a new one, and they are cross shipping, meaning one is already on the way, while Sony said people had to ship their console in for repairs, which would take 4-6 weeks before people would get theirs back.

      While one broken console is not good for the person who got it, the PS4 problems were more wide spread than the problems with the X1.

      Now back to playing Ryse…

  • kapec

    Scratches? Based on amazon review – people are having problems with their disc drives.. And many of them..