Microsoft Xbox One Listed In Popular Mechanics’ Breakthrough Products Of 2013

Xbox One Awards

Microsoft’s next generation console Xbox One was today honored by Popular Mechanics as one of the breakthrough products in 2013. Popular Mechanics each year gives this honors to year’s most innovative and transformative products.

Here’s what they told about Xbox One,

Some products are evolutionary, others are revolutionary. The Xbox One is both. The most notable improvement is the new Kinect sensor, which is integral to the operation of the console. It can see in total darkness, track the fine movements of your hands and muscles, and even sense your heartbeat. Gamers may have taken issue with the Xbox One’s price ($500) and paywall restrictions (some features require a $50 per year subscription), but technologically it’s a huge upgrade from its predecessor. The platform is so advanced that developers have barely begun to grasp all its possibilities.

Well done, Microsoft Xbox team.

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  • nohone

    But, but, but, the NSA!!1!1!!!

    • BIAS


    • Dal Dudas

      LMAO PS4=Home of Alex Jones lol

  • Mark Matheson

    Now sit back and watch Sony fanboys bombard Popular Mechanics site with racist abuse!

    • nohone

      A few years ago during the iPhone antenna gate thing, Consumer Reports did a test and said that if you held the phone in a right way, you would lose some signal strength. The Apple fanboys bombarded the site with comments about how they read CR for years because it was unbiased, but they were obviously out to slander Apple and unless they changed their tests to say there was no problem with the phone they would stop reading.
      The irony of calling CR unbiased but they needed to change the test at the will of a mob was lost on them. I expect the same to happen on Popular Mechanics.

      • Mark Matheson

        Excellent point and as someone who suffered from the iPhone 4 call drops and failed message sending I appreciated CR not backing down – I don’t mind if PM also add the PS4 to their breakthrough product list, not because people complain, but for whatever merit they deem worthy.

        • nohone

          The thing about the PS4, there is nothing really breakthrough about it though. The put more memory in it, a faster processor, a more capable graphics card, and a small display on the controller. Devices for years could upload video directly to video sharing sites so there is nothing new there. Streaming software over the internet has been done for years. This is all standard fare for a computer upgrade.
          While the PS4 looks good, there is nothing there that deserves a breakthrough award.

    • Lou_Sasshole

      Yeah the Sony fanboys have been really pathetic in the past few months (more so than usual).

  • peterpulmonary


  • Yuan Taizong

    This is great news, I really like it that now the mainstream media talks about how innovative Microsoft has become, all those rectionary Linux and Crapple fanboys will probably bombard this and will pose as P.S. 4 Fanboys/girls, I can see Microsoft winning the hearts of a lot of developers with this platform.