Microsoft: Xbox One Retail Units Won’t Act As Dev Kits At Launch

Xbox One Dev

Microsoft previously announced that every Xbox One console can act as a dev kit. Today at Gamescon, they announced that this feature will not be available at launch. However, Microsoft is planning to give free dev kits for indie devs free of cost.

Xbox VP Marc Whitten explained to Engadget as the following,

“It’s more of a timeframe thing. The vision of how the service and the console work together, how your console can be a dev kit, is a core part of the vision. It’s how we built a ton of the architecture. But moving from a low-scale — a small number of developers — to a large scale, there’s just more work to do there.”

via: Engadget

  • Asgard

    And once again Microsoft starts “explaining”. They do that a lot these days. They should start doing right things instead of explaining why their bad decisions are good.

    • noh_one

      The difference is that Microsoft is letting their users know about changes they are making or delaying, rather than just letting the users buy the product and then find out that it is not supported.

      Meanwhile, Sony is now changing their story over and over, a story that they once attacked Xbox for and now it is something good for the PS4. For example, Sony over and over talked about how PS4 was focused on games and Xbox was for TV. Then they go on to talk about how people use PS3 for Netflix more than on the 360 (maybe because people are spending more time playing games on their 360), and just today they were happy to announce they have Twitch for streaming TV, a me too feature that Microsoft announced Xbox One had. They did it before, attacking achievements, then later announced entitlements, er, trophies. With the PS3 they talked about how they had full back compat, installable OSes, etc. and the 360 did not, then ripped them out, and said nobody used them. Now there is a streaming DRM feature in the PS4 (after attacking Xbox One for having DRM and using the cloud) that gives you back compat, which was good, then bad, now it is good again. Sony attacked cloud features built into Xbox One, then announced last week that they will have cloud support from a partnership with Rackspace.

      Of course, people are claiming Microsoft is flip-flopping, while Sony is doing it because it is good for the gamer, when all they are doing is taking the innovative ideas in the Xbox One, then claiming they will have it also without a timeframe of when it will be available.

    • Wayne Sebbens

      Microsoft had actually said that this ability wouldn’t be available at launch back when they announced that retail consoles could be used as dev kits. The only new news here is giving indies a dev kit for free