Microsoft: Xbox One Sets Impressive Pre-order Sales, Sold Out At Most U.S. Retailers

Xbox One

Microsoft announced Xbox One few months back and started taking pre-orders via various retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft Stores, etc,. Xbox One, the next generation console from Microsoft which will launch this November, has already seen impressive pre-order sales.

Microsoft revealed the fact that Xbox One pre-sales are trending ahead of Xbox 360 during the same time period. And they even announced that Xbox One Day One edition is sold out at most U.S. retailers. This is good news for Microsoft because Xbox platform revenue declined in the last quarter due to poor sales of the current generation console Xbox 360 across the globe.

  • Yuan Taizong

    The Xbox 360 is last-generation, Xbox LIVE is still growing and it will so.

  • seadrive

    No kidding 360 sales have declined…everyone is getting prepared to pay a bit more for the latest xbox one. I bet cheap used 360s are still selling, but most people would not be paying full price for a new one.

  • arrow2010

    No talk about how the XB1 is doing overseas…

    • nohone

      So we should ignore this because Microsoft did not give a complete run down of every single country where they sell Xbox One, and the exact number of consoles preordered? Of course if they did that, then people like you would claim that Microsoft is lying, or that it is just preorders and not actual shipped consoles, or whatever whiny complaint you can think of at the moment to try to show that Sony is winning. Just like with Windows Phone, it is doing quite well in other countries, but that does not count for some reason and to people like you, and in that case then only the US counts – anything to twist the facts to show that Microsoft is somehow doing poorly.

      And speaking of Sony, where are their numbers? Why have they not announced how great they were doing with the PS4? They like to talk up their numbers every chance they get, and yet, they are oddly silent about how the PS4 is doing. But don’t worry, I am sure that they will win Japan – at least you will have that.

  • rjmlive

    Xbox 360 was just announced to have it’s 30th consecutive month of top selling gaming consoles in North America. Could be down, but still on top.

    Selling out pre-orders is like saying they sold a lot of rope. It has no real relevance until they would ever release actual numbers to get a sense on it’s popularity. However, I hope that as it gets closer and closer to release time that the knee jerk PS4 converts come back once they actually take a good look at the platform and the potential future of Xbox One, Kinect 2.0 and Xbox Live.. of course in conjunction with the Windows OS on the device and it’s integration with PC and what the next few years will look like when Microsoft continues to mature it’s ecosystem.
    PS4 will always only be a gaming machine and Netflix window. To be fair, that’s something that people may only want and I will concede that the PS+ has a more appealing free gaming offering at the moment (as I understand it). I was a PS fan for years, but I’m more interested now in the bigger, complete picture and I want to have that Kinect 2.0 and be ready for what’s coming.