Microsoft Xbox One’s Ability To Run WinRT Apps Confirmed Via Leaked Code?

Xbox One WinRT App

We have seen many rumors and reports in the past that Microsoft will enable WinRT apps to run on Xbox One. It is almost confirmed today by the code leak by SuperDaE. The image above shows the supposedly leaked copy of Homefront 2 for Xbox One source code file list. As you can see, it has AppxManifest.xml file that indicates us that it is a WinRT app. Windows 8 apps in Windows Store has similar file arrangement. And DurangoConfig.xml and DurangoLauncher.exe could be the files used by Xbox One to launch these kind of new apps.

Microsoft is still maintaining the silence about the details on the 3rd party app/games development in Xbox One. But they last week confirmed that self publishing is coming to Xbox One.

Our vision is that every person can be a creator. That every Xbox One can be used for development. That every game and experience can take advantage of all of the features of Xbox One and Xbox LIVE. This means self-publishing. This means Kinect, the cloud, achievements. This means great discoverability on Xbox LIVE. We’ll have more details on the program and the timeline at Gamescom in August.

If Microsoft enables WinRT apps on Xbox One, developers will love it! Windows 8, Xbox One and soon Windows Phone will run same code across devices.

via: Kotaku

Thanks to Justin for the heads up.

  • SteveyAyo


    Although we already knew this was happening, its nice to see it confirmed

  • WembergCarl0

    THIS. IS. HUGE. !

  • Jeff Magill

    True platform convergence. Pretty awesome stuff.

  • Martin Spierings

    Couldn’t this just be a app that uses Smartglass? That you enable it like that to run in a second window?

  • Axodox

    I am more interested in the reverse of this: run XBOX One games on a gaming PC, that would be even bigger.

    • SteveyAyo

      The indie ones released in the Store will… I doubt the AAA games will, developers would never allow that now that Microsoft gave in on the DRM policies

  • Chinese Gypsy

    So you can play Halo Spartan Assault on your Xbox One on day one, sweet!

  • counterblow

    this is not possible because WinRT is dead according to the troll journalists at the vergadget technica

    • PittaMan

      WinRT is the runtime, not short for Windows RT. It’s confusing, but you have the wrong idea here.

      • nohone

        According to those sites everything, from the apps, to the devices, to the OS, to Microsoft its self is dead. The apps because iOS has more apps, even though they push OSX as a success, which, the last time I looked, has 14K apps on that store. They say that PCs are dead, while the number of Apple devices sold in 1Q is the same number of Windows devices sold in a week or two. They act like ChromeOS is about to take over, but in 4 years since first availability, Surface has sold, by the worst estimates, 2 to 3 times more in less than a year than Google has in 4 years. They claim that Apple is on the right path with profits dropping 22% YOY, but Microsoft profits rise $0.65/share YOY and that means they are failing.
        Sites have an interest in making it look like Apple/Google are winning, while Microsoft is failing and stroking the flames in order to drive more clicks, which results in more ad revenue. But it also helps make their favorites look like the winner. So it is not just a WinRT the OS vs. WinRT the app platform, but a drive to make sure Microsoft fails while Apple/Google win.

      • counterblow

        No, thevergadget technica trolls have been saying that Windows RT (and by extension windows store apps which are WinRT apps) are dead.

  • AdamUCF

    Uhh I tweeted about this 5 months ago. YAWN

  • tomakali

    Microsoft should promote Xbox smartglass a lot to interact with XBOX apps.

  • vmgunz

    whoaaa.. This will be great if it’s true.. It will help Windows 8 ecosystem overall and vice versa..

  • Yuan Taizong

    If this is true, Xbox One sales will boost the number of games which will easily boost up the number of users, 50% of Google Play is pure video-games, Microsoft’s homefront is in the Console Wars, they can easily get more developers to produce many, MANY INDIE Games to supply the store with more games, even if the stores (the Windows Store and the Xbox LIVE Marketplace) won’t be 1 at launch, fusing them in the future will certainly help the development of apps, and fusing it with Windows Phone will help all platforms grow together.