Microsoft Xbox Team Working On A Groundbreaking Interactive Reading App On Windows

A new Microsoft career listing for the job of Software Development Engineer on the Music, Video, Reading (MVR) team has revealed that Microsoft is working on a groundbreaking Reading app for Windows devices. This is also a category where Microsoft jumped in before anyone else, but left the market after years. Microsoft Reader is a Microsoft program for the reading of e-books, originally released in August 2000. Soon, we may see Microsoft entering this e-books market again. Microsoft also has an investment in Barnes and Noble which they can use for securing content for their reading platform.

The Music, Video, and Reading team has been brought together in Devices & Studios (DnS) as THE Microsoft team laser-focused to deliver the next generation of media content experiences across devices powered by the services and magic of Xbox LIVE.

Our Mission:

We will build amazing experiences that consumers and partners love and are proud to show their friends. These products will be effortless, intuitive and delightful. We will have laser focus on our customers’ needs, and our customers will be able to enjoy and share their media the way they want, seamlessly across the TV, Mobile and PC screens with a consistent family feel.

As an SDE, you will be on the team building a groundbreaking interactive reading app on Windows, which incorporates books, magazines, and comics.

Source: Microsoft Careers via: Liveside,

  • Nham Thien Duong

    It’s literally so much easier to buy Nook, I mean Nook has the 2nd largest library of books (after Google), and Windows has way more users than Amazone, so Microsoft could easily gain the upper hand, of-course building a new application from scratch has many advantages, but having an already fully built application (Nook is already on Windows), and integrating it as in the same way Microsoft did with Skype when Windows 8 -> Windows 8.1 (Blue) could work, they could fuse the Windows Reader app (for .pdf files) with the present Nook app, make Nook ”the book store”, its name already has user appeal, and integrate it with Bing and Xbox LIVE, and then Microsoft would have a Book app for Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One with little to no trouble, only proper investment, and they would save the jobs of Nooks already experienced workers rather than create a new sector, they’ll create a special division for Windows Phone, Xbox (T.V.), and Bing anyway to do the ”Book stuff”, ¿so why not Nook? Barnes & Noble is operating at a loss right now, Microsoft for the rescue.

    • poken1151

      Well there was that joint agreement some time back that seems to have been silenced up. You never know.

  • SategB

    “This is also a category where Microsoft jumped in before anyone else, but left the market after years.”

    How many times have we heard this during Ballmer years!

    • frankwick

      wasn’t just ballmer, Gates was CEO when they introduced tablets. Technically, they didn’t abandon tablets, but they didn’t build an ecosystem to ensure their success.

      • SategB

        Good point though those “Tablet PCs” had the whole Windows ecosystem. Your also right Gates didn’t help with his myopic view of what use case personal computers needed to solve. It still hurting the company now with the whole Windows 8 failure.

  • FateStayNight

    An app so groundbreaking that you don’t read the app, the app will read you! and will delete you from existence if it does not find you interesting enough.