Microsoft: Xbox Will Let You Play Game During Download

Xbox One

Microsoft revealed during the announcement about Xbox One that you will be able to to play disc-based games while they’re installing to the Xbox hard drive. Microsoft has recently confirmed that the same applies for digital downloads too. You can start playing the game before it gets completed. Once certain parts of the game get downloaded, you can start playing the game while Xbox will continue the download in the background.

Sony also confirmed that this same feature is also there in their PlayStation 4 console.

  • NGS

    Feature already exists on the Playstation 3 right. I downloaded Last of us but was able to start playing it before the game was fully downloaded. I think I had to wait till around 60% was downloaded. I wonder if there is a difference in the new XBOX One and PS4

  • Henry

    I really don’t understand Microsoft. They should have announced this feature at E3, and I bet there are still new and exciting features to be announced later…