Microsoft’s 2nd Generation Surface Devices Goes On Sale

Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2

As announced earlier, Microsoft’s next generation Surface devices, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 went on sale today. Surface 2 powered by Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage starts from 449 USD. Surface Pro 2 powered by Intel 4th gen processor, upto 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD starts from 799 USD. Alone with new Surface devices, new accessories like Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2 are also on sale. Surface is now available via Microsoft Stores in the US and other 3rd party retailers around the world in launch countries.

Check out Microsoft Store listing here.

  • donzebe

    Great prices for the Surface 2 when compare to the ipad air. Plus it comes with free office.
    The wave of windows tablet pouring into the market with great specs at favorable prices is forcing Apple to give away it’s OS and iWork free to all Mac users.

    • Bugbog

      That is the disappointing aspect of Apple’s ‘reveal’, in that I believe we are a year or two past T.L.F (Thinner, Lighter, Faster). And that’s really all they did. When they had a captive market, that was good enough.

      But now, with multiple competitors, with innovative products and accessories? I really don’t think so!

      That was all they did with the iPhone 5 last year, and now that’s all they’ve done with the iPad 5 & iPad Mini 2.


      • SategB

        Your right and they probably will not sell any 5s 5c or iPad this next year unless the consumers have a different opinion.

        If that is the case we can continue to be smug in know we was right no matter how much Apple sales and how many billions they make.

      • JoryOne

        Yes doesn’t Apple know they should have added a clicky kickstand to be trendy!!!!!

        • Bugbog

          Mock all you want, but I rather regard a 3mm device, with 1092 sensor points and 3 variable levels of lighting as innovative.

          • JoryOne

            I would agree and add a second clicky position to the kick stand..

            Lets hope the population at large is as excited as you and I!!!!

          • SategB

            Yes that sounds pretty thin, and pretty light, fast and responsive but as you said Thinner, Lighter, Faster should be ignored…

          • Bugbog

            Ahh, another “mock” fan. The Difference, dear sir, is that they aren’t reducing this device from some ‘bulky’ creation. Rather, it has had value added to it!

            That it is Thinner (from 3.2 – 2.9mm) CAN be ignored
            That it May be Lighter, is irrelevant (as such weight is negligible)
            That it’s Faster can’t be ignored, but is only to be expected!

            HOWEVER, separate to All this, is that the whole ‘cover can now be turned into a gesture pad, which can register different commands based on the appropriate gesture.

            They’ve enabled the ability for the ‘cover to be detached from the bottom of the Surface devices, should you so desire, and used wirelessly.

            They’ve enabled variable brightness control on the cover, allowing use in low-light/dark conditions.

            Now, disparage all you wish, but this is Incontrovertible innovation over the Version 1.0 product, not just T.L.F!

  • tropolite

    My Surface Pro 2 (256Gb), is on backorder. Looks like these gruntier Surface Pros are popular.

    • donzebe

      The names Windows and Surface are very popular.
      Go for yours is on the way.