Microsoft’s Craig Mundie talks about the company’s vision for the future

In the above video Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie discusses part of the vision of the company’s future, which consists of machines and technology getting out of your way and becoming a lot more helpful.

In the video Craig briefly demonstrates  the  82” interactive Perceptive Pixel display, and how varied computing surfaces can allow us to move easily between all sizes of displays and devices. He shows how you might use Microsoft OneNote 2013 to work on a large display and then, moments later, pull up your annotations on your personal Surface. He also showed off the capabilities of Xbox SmartGlass, illustrating how you can seamlessly shift content across your tablet, phone, and Xbox.

Craig also illustrated how we might remotely collaborate and incorporate telepresence in the future via Microsoft Research’s research project Illumishare , a low-cost peripheral device that looks like a desk lamp, lighting up a surface while also turning it into a shared space using a built-in camera and projector.

Craig also showed how the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute is using Microsoft Research’s Layerscape to visualize their research data of the microbial population in the Pacific Ocean bordering Southern California. With Layerscape, they have been able to combine measurements from remote monitoring vessels with surface data collected by satellites, leading to valuable marine insights that wouldn’t have been possible without advanced machine learning capabilities.

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  • JimmyFal

    I love listening to this stuff, but I don’t like when they tout smartglass, and quite frankly it is on all my devices but has a long way to go even for the simplest of implementations. I’m really tired of using the word potential when it comes to some of these promises. However I wouldn’t want that opinion to overshadow how happy I am with a lot of the things that MS has been rolling out lately. I think SkyDrive is the shining star at the moment. Absolutely phenomenal as it stands right now.

    • GGlazer

      The only useful smart glass implementation I’ve seen yet is for Halo 4. The smart glass app for it is really cool. I use it with that game almost every time.

    • Tips_y

      I may not agree with all of your opinions but I’m absolutely with you when it comes to SkyDrive. It may not be perfect but it’s pretty amazing as it stands!

  • Matthew McLane

    I do like smart glass for surfing ie10 on my Xbox. Using my phone or tablet to type and the navigate the website was much more intuitive. Past that, The controller is superior at this point. But I do see the potential.

  • grs_dev

    And this is why Sinofsky had to go…