Microsoft’s E3 announcement to reveal “The future of Kinect”

Microsoft is hyping their E3 announcement on the 6th of June, and are promising to reveal the future of Kinect and Xbox 360 there.

The event is widely expected to demo the first serious games using the Kinect camera, including head tracking during racing sims, and will be streamed live to the Xbox 360, via and Spike TV.

Microsoft has recently been touting the success of the Xbox 360, noting that the company has sold 55 million Xbox 360s and have 35 million Xbox Live subscribers, and are the only console with sales which are actually accelerating.

The event will be broadcast at 9:30 ET and 12:30 PT.

Thanks Farokh for the tip.

  • WixosTrix

    Live stream to Xbox, awesome.  Too bad I’ll have to go to my sisters house, blah!

    • Yasir Alam

      What serious? How do I get to it? I need to fire my ‘box up and see if I can find it… or is it just US only -_-

      • WixosTrix

        It will probably show up on the dashboard before it starts

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