Microsoft’s Executive Salary And Other Compensations

In the annual proxy statement of Microsoft issued by Securities and Exchange Commission, Microsoft detailed its executives salary, bonus and other compensations. Take a look at the image above, you can find how much did Steve Ballmer, Steven Sinofsky, Kurt DelBene, Kevin Turner and Peter.S. Klein got paid by Microsoft in various forms. Steve Ballmer had a 2% increase in pay with  1.365 million in cash. You can find the proxy statement here and more details on it here.

via: Geekwire



  • Anonymous

    Wow! Sinofsky makes a cool $7million a year.  With Windows 7 under his belt, he should received an even bigger bonus.

    • Tom

      Agreed.  Sinofsky has the hardest job at Microsoft, and he’s done a fantastic job of it.  So why does Kevin Turner get paid more for doing an easier job?

      The other guy who’s underpaid at Microsoft is Brad Smith, the Chief Counsel.  At other companies, legal is an expense.  At Microsoft, Brad Smith has turned legal into a profit center.