Microsoft’s IE9 ad parodied by non-believer


It seems like some people are having difficulty accepting the that IE9 is one of the fastest and safest browsers available.

College Humour made a parody video that I think more accurately represents the public perception of the Microsoft browser; something I think that will take more than their very cool ad to change.

Hopefully the deep integration of the even faster and smoother IE 10 browser in Windows 8 will prove more convincing.


  • 123321

    first of all: yep i got it. its about making fun of IE…
    but: what the hell are you doing with your pc/mac to create all those errors? never seen sth nearly like this since i left my pc running windows ME

  • arsan7

    This is just a rehash of common Windows parodies from 10-15 years ago. They even brought Clippy back from exile. Doing it all on a Mac interface was just plain weird.

    • hysonmb

      I agree but sadly the general public wouldn’t notice those things any more than they notice that IE hasn’t been crap for a long time now. People are so swayed by advertising and videos that others can throw together they don’t bother to try things for themselves.

  • Andrew Bares

    Where’s the College Humor parody??

  • Asgardi

    Well the parody was kind of ruined when running IE in mac that is impossible anyway and also under windows 7 having XP or 98 popups :)

    • Asgardi

      My point more clearly… They did not have been able to find any error boxes under W7 or W8, but still the browser is bad with WXP or W98 error messages 😛 Kind of a fail to me. I undestand that most people doesn’t notice though.

  • the person

    when you have to dredge up windows problems from 15 years ago you know you are slugging back the weaksauce.

  • Pierre Venescar

    why do you guys even make that mindless thing a “news”?

  • rsgx

    I thought it was hilarious.

  • Beezer

    From a comedy side it’s pretty funny and there are some wrong things about it, but overall. It’s comedy, it’s good. I like it, even with the mistakes. Still good editing.