Microsoft’s Latest Deal: Trade In Your iPad, Get A Min. $200 Gift Card

Microsoft Surface deal

Microsoft has quietly launched a new program where customers can trade in their Apple iPads for new Microsoft Surface purchases at Microsoft Stores. Microsoft is ready to offer a minimum of $200 Gift card for your old iPad. This deal is only available in select Microsoft retail stores in US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada

  • Bring in your gently used iPad 2, 3, or 4 and get a minimum of a $200 gift card to the Microsoft store.
  • Looking to upgrade your tablet?  Check out the Surface RT or Surface Pro.
    • Surface RT The revolutionary new tablet built by Microsoft comes pre-installed with touch-enabled versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Starting at $349 Learn more
    • Surface Pro The laptop in tablet form, built by Microsoft, runs your favorite Windows desktop programs and includes a one month free trial of Office 365. Starting at $799 Learn more
  • See store associate for more detail.

There are the conditions that apply for this deal,

Valid September 5, 2013 until October 27, 2013.  Available in select Microsoft retail stores in US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada; Not valid online. Offer only valid for the exchange of listed iPad products, no exceptions. To be eligible for trade-in, device should include power cord, if available, and device cannot be password protected. Microsoft Store gift-card value will be equal to trade-in value, and is subject to Microsoft’s discretion and manager approval. All trade-ins are final. Recycle for Rewards program provided by CExchange, LLC. and other terms and conditions may apply.  See store associate for details. Not valid on prior orders or purchases; cannot be transferred or otherwise redeemed for cash. Limit 1 per customer.

Check out the deal here.

via: ZDNET

  • DigTheNoise

    Awesome … my Oakbrook store shows that offer. Goodbye dead weight iPad.

  • SategB

    Interesting promo though the more I think about it that speaks volumes about how well the fruit tablet is holding its value specially when you can a Surface RT used is only selling a few bucks more :(

    • nohone

      You mean how their sales of the iPad have dropped over the past quarter, even though it will be 6 months from the beginning of that quarter? Of course, PC sales are down a few percentage points and it means that PCs are dead, but iPad sales drop 14% and it is somehow, to an Apple fanboy like yourself, it is a sign of success.
      Or how about how Apple is well known for giving away gift cards, iPods, or other just to get people to buy their devices? But when Microsoft does it, it is a sign of their failure.
      And then there is your usual lecture, about how we are not supposed to bring Apple into the discussion, But at the first chance you get, here you are once again talking about how wonderful Apple is.

  • tomakali

    Why cant they do this in India ??? Hate this US-Centric marketing

    • nohone

      There are plenty of deals and promotions that are non-US, the issue is that you are reading US based web sites that only report US based deals/promotions. For example, a month or two ago there were special deals that were available only in France. None of the US media reported it, but the French tech media did. The EU countries get a free pack-in game with the Xbox One, but not the US, not India, nor elsewhere.
      So while we hear much about US deals or specials, other countries have them, too. But when they do happen, US residents don’t complain about it.
      A question for you: do you have an iPad that you would like to exchange or credit, and would you like a Surface, or are you complaining for the sake of complaining?
      Finally, this is an in store deal only. Microsoft does not have stores in India (neither does their closest competitor). So think of it being available in India, do you have a store to sell it to?

      • tomakali

        I worked for a large retail chain in India for about 7Years. I understand Indian market upto some level. There is a trade in deal for Lumia. But it is NOT visible/known to the people in the STORES. Having Country Specific deals is worth only when the people in the stores speak about it. Samsung does that. Nokia did that. NOT Microsoft… Marketing should be loud and clear from the discussion room till the user’s hands across all the countries and rural parts of the country. Nokia did that exceptionally well when introducing 1100 and N95 and L520.

  • Yuan Taizong

    I hope they’ll come with similar promotional deals in the rest of the world too, but I can’t wait to see my American family trading in their lousy iPads for real Tablet-P.C.’s

  • J Vidal

    I wonder if they will resell the old ipads (after checking them) in some country, or they will recycle them to get some raw material.

    • Jeff Hung

      That would be great if they can hack those iPad to install Windows RT on it, then resell it for $300. Everyone wins except Apple.

  • jeff

    No ipad 1 ???