Microsoft’s New Chief Experience Officer Talks About Her New Role, Criticism On Windows 8 And More

Julie Larsen Green Microsoft

Microsoft recently announced that Julie Larson-Green who was the head of hardware division at Microsoft will move on to a new role as Chief Experience Officer as Stephen Elop will take over her old job. Speaking to Recode at MWC, Julie talked about her new role at Microsoft, future of Microsoft, and the criticisms on Windows 8. She revealed that her top hardware job was not quite as close to product design as she hoped for. And she thought that becoming CXO(Chief Experience Officer) was exciting and new and part of the strategic direction of where Satya (Nadella) is taking the company.

Within a fairly short time Microsoft is going to be a maker of phones, tablets and wearables. What do you think of Microsoft’s prospects in those markets.

I think the vision of a computer on every desk has just evolved to be in every hand, in every pocket and every surface around you, no pun intended. We are going to be there with things you care about. That’s one of the things that was nice about hardware.

Is that going to be new for you? Do you have to go out and get an iPhone or an Android device?

You know me. I always use everybody’s everything. I have an iPhone, I have a Galaxy Note. I have an HTC One. I am a gadget girl. I have a FitBit, a FuelBand, all that stuff. You should see my living room. I have it all–TiVo, PS4, Xbox One.

I think you have to live the life and understand how people are using technology and how it is fitting into people’s lives and what benefits it is providing for folks. I use my Nokia phone most of the time.

When asked about people writing off Windows 8 in this mobile centric word she said, “Change is super hard… There’s definitely things I would think about doing differently to ease that transition. I think change was needed… I don’t know that building just another Windows 7 would have been helpful.”.

Good to see the clarity from Julie.. Hope she brings out more awesome experiences to people out of Microsoft. Read the full interview from the link below.

Source: Recode

  • ZloiYuri

    Julia…. OMG… It’s definitely death of WP….

    • Guest

      She use to get sweaty with Ballmer… but then again Ballmer would get sweaty with everyone

  • gg23

    . Maybe MS should take someone new?

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Well actually Windows 7 was just another Vista and it worked, but she’s right, change is needed, and I also wish that I had the money for all those devices she has. :-

    • Prayaas

      Haha, Microsoft probably sponsors that for her (not that she isn’t rich anyway)

      see, Microsoft still is criticized about having lost relevance, about PCs losing share to tablets. If anything, a non-tabletty Windows 8 would have only worsened the scenario. Windows is on more %age of tablets than Windows Phone on phones and in half the time.

      • Guest

        There was a third option between the cluster OS Window8 turn into and a pure desktop variety. A desktop OS AND a mobile OS (pretty much what they are doing, or should I say correcting with the next build).

        Stop trying to rewrite history, Window 8 has been a disaster for MSFT and old Julia was a big part of that mess.

        • CyberAngel

          When I was reading all the whining about the NOK: D&S => MSFT deal I thought that maybe even 30% would object in the voting of the shareholders, but it was only 0.3%.
          The same applies here.
          Bill Gates went from 1st to 4th place of most rich person list
          when he was investing on the polio removal,
          but jumped back # ONE after those “poor” Windows 8 sales.
          I want the same kind of “failure”.

  • LexicoRed


    I have to give MSFT credit they they are very gentle in the way the push people out.

  • Mark Gibbs

    I think this Girl is Amazing … she has done such a great job at Microsoft ..This will be good for the company where she is going… Good Luck Julie !!

    • Luke

      I’m curious what has she done? I know of her but I’m not aware of what she has previously done…

      • Prayaas

        She was one of the leaders of the team who designed the Ribbon in the first place for Office 2007 and it is very awesome, much more than those menus.

        She worked with Sinofsky later on getting Windows 7 and Windows 8 together. After the re-org, she joined hardware. Working on Surface etc. Now she has a role she’ll do well. Experience. The Ribbon was excellent innovation. Not perfect then, but with Office 2013, it is a pleasure to use.

        • Guest

          Ribbon is a jumbled UI mess that that is gated by most. It showed arrogance of designed that for told the car crash that was coming with Windows 8.

          She should have been given the heave-ho along with Sinofsky. At least now they have her doing a made up job where she can not do any more damage. The corporate “Peter Principle” at work!

    • Guest

      If you was really impressed you would refer to her as a woman :(

  • koenshaku

    Nice to own all the competing devices, she should really practice using them there are so many small refinements needed in windows phone I could go on all day about it. Instead I will just cite a couple that annoy me most. That is why is it an amnesia phone? If you use any of the core applications calculator, maps etc.. When you close the app it does not remember your last calculation or location! Coming from an iPhone this is always a WTF moment for me seeing that it saves the state of every core app you use. I won’t talk about their alarm for simpletons I will another thing is the perception of having fully functioning office with outlook this is a fallacy every app is grossly limited in their respective scopes. Which is understandable, but one thing that has annoyed me to no end is working on a project with classmates and trying to reply to an email and attach a document to it. I have a skydive “onedrive” full of docs and every time I click attach they think people only attach pictures to emails!!!
    So it annoys me when they say they use competing devices, because I think they use them solely and leave WP to the dogs or they don’t really use them at all and they’re completely out of touch. Hopefully this will improve once they get Nokia under their roof’s because they have been the only saving grace for WP thus far with their unwavering support for the platform and consumers more than MS has every been in my eyes.

    • Luke

      Lol well clearly they used competing devices to improve Windows Phone because in WP8.1 you can add any file whatsoever as an attachment in an email. And in 8.0 apps don’t forget unless you close them, if you close then in iOS they also forget. If you just press the start button and then hold the back button later to go back to the calculator then tadaaaa your calculation is still there