Microsoft’s OneDrive For Business Gets A Competitor, Google Drive for Work

Along with the announcement about native Office files editing on Google Drive, Google today announced Google Drive for Work — a new premium offering for businesses that includes unlimited storage, advanced audit reporting and new security controls for $10/user/month. This is a direct competitor to Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business. Apart from the regular file storing, syncing and sharing capabilities, the following were the advantages for OneDrive for Businesses.

Unmatched service compliance.

OneDrive for Business in Office 365 is compliant with world-class industry standards, including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA, and is verified by third-party auditors.

Available for eDiscovery.

Documents in OneDrive for Business are available for discovery and preservation, protecting content while allowing users to continue working on their documents.

Auditing, Reporting, and Security.

Administrators can generate audit reports for common events in OneDrive for Business or build custom ones to suit their needs. Security features are also central to OneDrive for Business, allowing granular control of capabilities like external sharing, offline sync, and access control

Google has exactly developed the same feature set for Drive for Work,

Google Drive for Work combines the familiar storage, sync and share experience of Google Drive with new admin controls, advanced file audit reporting and eDiscovery services. New fine-grained controls let admins customize the Drive experience, such as which employees can install the desktop sync client. With the new audit view you can see activity like moving, deleting or sharing a file within or outside the company, and an audit API will also be available for developers. Google Apps Vault, our solution for search and discovery for compliance needs, is also included with Drive for Work, expanding to cover all content stored in Drive, including Docs, Sheets and Slides, as well as any other file type.

The enterprise space is heating up with the recent competition between Microsoft and Google. Read more about OneDrive for Business here and Drive for Work here.

  • Wtechrover

    Google lost allready in the business space…..can stop trying :)

  • Cc

    How an I supose to work when there’s no google drive on win phone or win 8? Fuck google, ms has android iOS and windows apps

  • pirate78

    Any competition is good for us. Honestly, if Google makes their services better and in turn causes Microsoft to strive harder for quality … Fantastical! Competition from other platforms should not be viewed as a threat, as it will allow us to have better services and devices.

    Looking forward to using the full Touch Office on the Surface Mini (all thanks to Google) :)

  • Brent Russell Rucker

    Google is not going to reverse their ability to mine user data and claim ownership of files for their much smaller Buisness Software division..

  • PoohGQ

    I’m surprised there are no patents to be had in this area..!

  • Asgard

    And businesses would store _anything_ in Google Drive because…? Heck, they are even avoiding MS cloud.

  • tofferne

    Google is like virus, very bad and makes me sleeping.
    Who want’s Google and Android for business, It’s difficult enough as a toy.