Microsoft’s Is Coming Out Of Preview, Hotmail Users Will Be Upgraded Starting Tomorrow

Microsoft today announced that web mail service is moving out of preview. Microsoft revealed the new to replace Hotmail with new UI/UX features last July and now the service has shed off its preview tag. Over 60 million people are actively using the service and Microsoft is planning to upgrade hundreds of millions of Hotmail users to the new interface starting tomorrow and will be completed by this summer.

Users can sign up for new addresses or use their existing Gmail or Hotmail address to get started with this service. Microsoft is also planning to reveal no.of new features such as new Calender UI, Skype Video calling, etc, soon. Microsoft also announced that they are going to start a multi-million dollar marketing campaign to lure Gmail and other web mail users.

  • Bill Lee

    Thank god they’re finally updating the calendar. It looks like something out of the late nineties compared to the modern look of and skydrive.

    • palindrome


  • Breakingillusions

    can’t wait for the new features

  • Tips_y

    Sounds good to me! I already moved to outlook a few months ago so more added features will only confirm in my mind that I did the right thing!

  • mandrox

    how does this work if the “local address” of an owner with a hotmail account is already taken by the same “local address” of a different owner with an outlook account?

    • jimski27

      Don’t thing their changing addresses just yet. Only the interface. Till now, Hotmail users had the option to view mail via Now they won’t have a choice, which is a good thing.
      I already have me@hotmail & me@outlook accounts, but don’t want to switch till I get a new phone. Unless Microsoft wants to make the transition easier.

    • Boolanger

      You don’t have to make a email address. this is pretty much just a new web portal to access your email in.

  • sumedh

    been waiting long time for this..:-)

  • David Barna

    I am confused. Are we getting new features?? Everyone seems excited about new features or the calendar being updated, but all the articles says is that MS is upgrading the last of the hotmail users to the UI that was introduced in July….

  • CX1

    It would be nice if the ever update the calendar from Hotmail.

  • Opio Christian Daniel

    This is great news. I moved to from a on August 3rd last year and I have never looked back again. I got a 25GB free skydrive storage and the cleanest slickest coolest interface with minimal ads. In fact I have not yet seen any ad in my outlookmail yet. it is mail-centric not ad-centric like g-mail. I have signed up over 30 people people this year to these are people who were frustrated with yahoomail, and some couldn’t understand why gmail had to have all those in-your face ads. none has ever complained about… if you are looking for a fresh baking off the best oven, will definitely be that piece o’ cake. Try it with an open mind, let your experience with it be the benchmark for criticism.