Microsoft’s own Windows 8 sales training videos surface

imageA series of training videos produced by Microsoft has surfaced, telling retail staff how they should be selling Windows 8 PCs.

Sales staff are encouraged to concentrate on personalization, customization and showing how the OS works as well with a mouse and touch.

The videos are as much instructional as they are sales training, indicating it is more than the customer that Microsoft needs to educate.


  • alukard

    The train has left the station and its heading our way, get your ticket ready. :)

  • Bernhard Doll

    These videos shouldn’t be only for sales training, they should make similar ones for end users as a tutorial to show how to use W8.
    Truly these are the first videos where you are able to see all main usage concepts of Windows 8 in a short, compact way without disturbing manufacturer advertising for a specific notebook or tablet.

    • MS

      like how apple does them

    • Chris Georgeson

      MS feels different about this then you or most.
      They feel that telling people to go to the top or bottom corners of the screen is good enough.
      They say that there data shows that most users figure out a good majority of the OS in about an hour.
      I think that it awful and that 1 hour of fumbling around is going to anger a lot of people.
      However I have to say I like Windows 8 and can’t wait for the first major update for Metro. It’s going to be pretty exciting.

    • Smity Smiter

      I installed the 90-day trial W8, after installation, during the first run, it actually shows (a video, line drawings) how to use it. It shows how to access the start menu, how to go to normal desktop, how to bring the charms bar up.