Microsoft’s Patent Filing Reveals Two Step Kickstand Coming In Surface 2

Just few days back we reported that the upcoming next generation Surface will have a two-step kickstand as opposed to the current model. A latest patent filing from Microsoft has almost confirmed the same and details how the kickstand works.

A device kickstand is described. In at least some implementations, a kickstand is rotatably attached to a mobile computing device. The kickstand can be rotated to various positions to provide support for different orientations of the computing device. In at least some implementations, hinges are employed to attach a kickstand to a mobile computing device. One example hinge utilizes preset hinge stops that enable the kickstand to be placed at different preset positions. Another example hinge exerts pressure on an edge of the kickstand, providing stability and vibration dampening to the kickstand.

The upcoming second generation Surface RT will be reportedly called Surface 2 and is expected to launch in October.

via @h0x0d Source: USPTO

  • SategB

    Yes it was the kickstand that caused all those Surfaces to sit in the warehouse and collect dust!

    Billion dollars write off here, a billion dollar write off there and pretty soon it starts to add up to some real money- Ballmer can’t leave fast enough.

    • techieg

      That was Surface RT and just because of once again many end user confusions not straightened out and misconceptions pushed by many. In actuality it is still better than a freaking iPad.

      • SategB

        I am constantly amazed by these Microsoft site where do called supporters can not call a dog a dog. Rather they start talking about some other companies product and bad mouth it as if it will make the MSFT product better.

        The only way for MSFT to get better is if we demand they get better no make excuses got poorly thought out crap products; kin, Zune, Vista, w8, surface rt…,and bad management; Ballmer.

        • nohone

          I am constantly amazed with these Google and Apple worshippers who claim to be Microsoft fanboys, will constantly ignore the failures of Google/Apple such as ChromeBook or Mac, but have the nerve to call Surface a failure.

        • techieg

          Well, to make ur point if you have one is to successfully share how the iPad that seems to have sold a bunch is better than the Surface RT competitor that did not seem to sell. Clear and detailed bullet points only please.

          • SategB

            The point is ( and this is for the slow kids on the bus) don’t worry about how good or bad iPad or Android tab is worry about the junk MSFT IS TRYING TO SALE!

            But if you can not understand that point here you go
            -iPad sales to date = 146 million

            -surface rt sales to date <1 million

            -iPad profite to date = $39 Billion

            Surface RT profit to date = NEGITIVE $1 billion

            That is the market not me showing the Surface is a dog.

          • nohone

            So we are not supposed to talk about Microsoft’s competition, and then in a you go on to list questionable stats about Microsoft’s competition. And that is on the very next line. Nice to see you cannot even follow uour own advice.

            But here some stats – well over a billion active Windows users. Over 110 million Windows 8 users. That is (using Apple’s own numbers) nearly 4 times the number of users of your beloved OSX. Imagine that, after a year, the OS you like to call a failure has surpassed 30 years of the second closest competitor’s failing attempts. Even the iPad is dropping in sales, down 14% in the half year before the next one is to be introduced.

            And of course, there is the argument your Apple buddies like to use. See, if Mac does poorly against the competition or if the iPhone does poorly against the competition, then it is just not fair to compare Mac/iPhone against all of Windows computers or all of Android because there are so many device makers. And how can poor, poor Apple, just one company compete against evey cother computer manufacturer? But when there are many device makers of Windows, Android, and iPad tablets, then it is OK to single out one brand new computer manufacturer (Microsoft) and say they are failing. And in this case, you are comparing 1 year of one device manufacturer’s product, to 3.5 years of one manufacturer’s products.

          • SategB

            I use XP I stated iPad stats for that is what I was asked to do to illustrate MSFT Surface being unsuccessful.

            Yes everyone can agree MSFT sold a good deal of windows LC and office software. But the world has change and intelligent people see this.

            It now about selling integrated products if software and hardware. It why even slow thinking Ballmer understands this and bought Nokia. Though putting out doggy poorly position products that causes a billion dollar write off from profits don’t cut it and your cheer leading stupidity does not help long term health of the company.

          • nohone

            No you cherry-picked information to try to “prove” Microsoft is a failure. First, that $900M was not negative profit. There was profit from devices they sold, but that was not negative profit. It was the money they did not make by reducing the price of devices. There is a big difference. Second, if that indicates a failure, then Apple and Google, and by extension Jobs and Brin, are failures, also. After the iPhone was introduced, it was not selling, so they dropped the price by hundreds of dollars. It still did not sell that great until a few versions later. Google put the Moto X on sale 3 weeks ago, and already have dropped the price to $100 (but dropping the price of Surface before introducing a new one is a “firesale”). Apple took a charge on that iPhone, and Google will need to do the same with the Moto X – and I see Google taking a charge for the $12B they spent on Moto, because it is definitely not worth what they paid for it. Of course, I expect you to find some excuse to proclaim that Google/Apple are still good because Apple did it first, then Microsoft, and now Google, but somehow Microsoft is the only one that deserves criticism.

          • SategB

            Just accept that surface RT is a dog a billions $ ad campaign and another $900 million write down resulting in less million sold is a failure bigger then Kin and Zune

          • nohone

            And once again just ignore the facts that, by your standards, other companies are just as much a “failure” as you claim Microsoft is. Your “I am a Microsoft fanboy who just wants the best for the company” is a sham that everybody can see.

          • techieg

            You have failed to answer the extremely simple question asked of you. You are quick to call Surface RT “junk” but cannot even compare the iPad “device” side-by-side to it even though it seems to have more sales, which goes to prove my original point that there are many factors behind its lack of sales. It seems fine if the junk comes from Apple but not MS. Take ur senseless ranting elsewhere.

    • Yuan Taizong

      L.O.L. The Microsoft Surface is a wonderful device, it’s high price and ;;”floating economic”- al conditions causes all these problems, but smaller Windows R.T. Tablet-P.C.’s will sell way better. but in a way you’re right, although Ballmer is a genius who should’ve stayed.

      • arrow2010

        Funny how “floating economic conditions” don’t hurt iPad sales.

        • nohone

          Except when iPad sales drop 14%

    • Gromanon

      Performance bugs in initial Windows RT software, slow Nvidia SoC, product confusion, higher than expected prices.
      These are all primary reasons for slow sales.

      Updated CPU/GPUs, Windows 8.1 update, better pricing and marketing and Surfaces will be selling like hotcakes!

  • Ramin

    Well there are big differences between Surface 2 and Surface RT:

    when RT came out most reviews where mostly positive and only complaining about the low number of apps (10k?), now we have more than 115k of apps:

    and the windows appstore is growing faster than the AppStore for the iPad.
    the other big differences that I see:
    better advertisements (not just dancing)
    no confusing RT in the name