Microsoft’s Stevie Bathiche Talks About Surface 2 And Surface Pro 2’s Display Technology

Both Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro now features 10.6” ClearType HD(1080p) displays with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Even though the resolution is not high enough to compete with other tablets out there, Microsoft has taken care of other aspects of display to make the viewing experience better.

The display on the new devices is gorgeous, and the engineering work to produce gorgeousness isn’t trivial. It requires focus on far more than pixel count – things like size and aspect ratio, optical bonding of the display to the cover glass for reduced reflection, contrast ratio, viewing angles, color depth, gray scale, color reproduction, luminance, and backlight uniformity.

Source: Microsoft



  • Mark Matheson

    Problem here is how do you convincingly sell this to the masses when they’ve been convinced retina-like resolutions is what they ‘need’. Got to be honest, I’d prefer a new Dell XPS 15 with its 3200×1800 screen to a Surface Pro 2 at this point. Well, it’s not just that – other specs are pretty decent too.

    • Michael-Patrick Richter

      The level of integration between OS and Hardware achieved on the Surfaces is unmatched right now. That’s why the benchmarks are so outstanding on the pro an pro2. Even if the specs seem lower. it’s faster than others. And the Displays were always among the best.

      • Mark Matheson

        I don’t doubt this but how to turn that into selling points that actually interest people is the problem their product has.

    • nohone

      We have already seen the flip-flop of the iFans. When the iPad Mini was introduced, those on the Windows side was questioning why it did not have a Retina display. They said that it was not needed because it was small. Now Retina is absolutely necessary, and a non-Retina display just looks like muddy water – even though no one has new iPad mini and the rumors are that the ship date is slipping.

    • TheFourteenthDoctor

      Anybody who properly knows anything about displays will tell you that resolution is the third most important spec for determining picture quality. Color and contrast are the first two, and Microsoft nailed those hard. It is possible for a 720p television to produce a better image than a 1080p one. The second gen surfaces are the best picture I’ve ever seen on a tablet.

      • Mark Matheson

        I believe you but image fidelity is a much harder thing to quantify than resolution.
        Try saying to most people, “the resolution is lower but the image is better” – they will be pessimistic, how is that statement not a contradiction?
        Only a few enlightened souls like yourself know the truth.

  • alukard

    Rather know about an 8 inch surface. So far reviews of the Dell venue 8 pro are going, so I think the time is right for a baby surface with a baby landscape touch cover.