Microsoft’s Upcoming Cortana Personal Assistant Will Integrate With Your Home Automation System


Back in January, Microsoft announced the purchase of home automation startup R2 Studios and they absorbed some of the talent of the startup into their management. R2 Studios had several important home automation patents, and their technology was expected to be integrated into products at Microsoft’s Xbox Division at that time.

Earlier this month, lots of information on Microsoft’s upcoming Cortana personal assistant leaked online. First, it was reported that Cortana will be the personal AI agent on Windows Phone devices that will come with Windows Phone Blue. Later, Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet reported that Cortana is more than a Windows Phone app. Cortana will be a shell that will be found on future Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One operating systems.

Cortana will be more than just an app that lets users interact with their phones more naturally using voice commands. Cortana is core to the makeover of the entire “shell” — the core services and experience — of the future versions of Windows Phone, Windows and the Xbox One operating systems, from what I’ve heard from my contacts. In Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s strategy memo from July about Microsoft’s reorg, there were hints about Cortana. Ballmer mentioned that Microsoft will be working, going forward, on “a family of devices powered by a service-enabled shell.”

According to the information we got from our sources, Microsoft is planning to integrate Home Automation system into Cortana personal assistant. It appears that Cortana will be able to integrate into a home automation system that you can control from your phone, tablet, PC or even your Xbox One. For example, you can control the room temperature by saying “Cortana, turn down the temperature two degrees” from your couch. If you are leaning back on your couch in front of your Xbox One, then Xbox One’s Cortona will take necessary action. If you are in a bed room, your mobile device or tablet can take such instructions.

Microsoft is also considering ‘Cortana’ as the final name of the personal assistant, due to the very positive feedback Microsoft received from the public since its leak.

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  • vmxr

    im guessing this Personal assistant is the next big thing ballmer talked about

    • saqrkh

      Enterprise scenario.

      Cortana: “Hey, the director asked that you attend the proposal meeting in UK.”

      Me: “Sure.”

      Cortana: “Here are the next three flights available.”

      Me: “That one!”

      Cortana then books the ticket and makes all of the necessary arrangements, the back-end of my company pays for the ticket , etc… All I do is pick up my phone and head to the air port.

      • Yuan Taizong

        You are right, let’s not forget that Microsoft has many services that are up-to-date like Bing Travel (, Bing News, Bing Maps, Microsoft SkyDrive, Microsoft OneNote Mobile, Bing Search and Microsoft’s (Outlook-)Calendar, which can all be integrated to seamlessly work and connect with the Cortana service, thus making it a revolutionary and effective application, of-course, it’s hard to get all these ”fiefdoms” to work together, but I can see it happen, and they’ll also get Nokia’s many tech-geniuses and Guru’s who’ll help with the programme soon.

        Cortana could be both enterprize and consumer friendly, if it could bridge Outlook Mobile, Microsoft OneNote Mobile, Calendar, Bing Maps, Bing Travel and Internet Explorer into each other, you’d have a killer application,

  • Yuan Taizong

    I personally really hope that this will revolutionize the way we use computing devices (computers) in the future, Cortana should be able to do all the suggestions that poeple have asked for Microsoft’s Tellme Networks to do and be able to integrate with non-Windows systems as well via/through the Cloud and network-connections.

    The bar is really set high (and not by either Siri or Google Now), and I’m certain that Microsoft can work to make it a revolutionary service to change voice assistance in general.

  • Avatar Roku

    If there is a flood in your home she will also be a big help from what I’ve heard.

    • BIAS

      Lol… Halo joke 😀

  • Sami M. Saif

    Can’t wait to see Girls Fight : SIRI vs CORATANA !!!

  • Haymo

    Microsoft did say they won’t bring out a Siri like assistant until it will be revolutionary.
    Now is the time with Cortana. I really believe Microsoft can pull this off. They have been integrating everything to work in unison, all we need now is an assistant that lives in every one of your device. Kinda scary, iRobot anyone?

    • 12Danny123

      Kinda reminds me of Skynet 😉

      • Haymo

        Yeah Skynet. In fact, all sorts of movies predict that once you have Artificial Intelligence in every one of your device (Cars, buildings, street lamps, phones, Robots) all hell brakes loose. Maybe we ought to establish the Three laws of robotics soon.

        • Skunkwurx

          Kind of reminds me of EDI from Mass Effect… she was the ship and she could talk to multipul people or if anyone read the halo books Harvest being a great example the 2 AIs (can’t remember the names right now) was more or less the PA to the entire colony… and also considering Microsoft are building a data centre in the Netherlands, Finland, Germany and increasing the size of the on in Ireland plus upping the Xbox servers to an insane 300k i’d say they have something planned… because skydrive isn’t taking that load in anyway…

  • Guest

    Yes, this is potentially interesting. Ballmer seems to be implying they have some breakthrough technology is this area. If so, that could help them differentiate their ecosystem from others, and get back in the game competitively.

  • Henry

    Jarvis or Cortana, that’s a question.

  • jimski27

    Bill Gate’s vision of the computing future. Touch and voice replaces mouse and keyboard. We already have touch.

  • auziez

    Well, im just hoping its actually everything its being hyped to be.
    Right now all im imagining is something similar to siri, and not much different.
    I just don’t know what more they want or can do… you know without making it too much of a pain.