Microsoft’s VP Of U.S. Advertising Sales Keith Lorizio Is Leaving The Company

Keith Lorizio Microsoft Advertising

Recode today revealed that Microsoft’s Vice President of US Advertising Sales Keith Lorizio is leaving the company. Keith joined Microsoft in 2006 from Yahoo where he was heading Advertising sales team. For the past 8 years at Microsoft, Keith helped building a strong US sales team. Frank Holland, the CVP for Microsoft’s Advertising and Online businesses and Eric Dahlberg, the director of U.S. network & exchange sales for Microsoft Advertising sent internal memos regarding Keith’s departure.

From: Frank Holland

Sent: Friday, January 31, 2014 2:45 PM

To: A&O US Sales FTE Cc: Barry Dougan; Frank Holland Direct Reports

Subject: A&O US Sales Leadership Announcement


I am writing to inform you that Keith Lorizio is no longer with Microsoft. I would like to thank Keith for his leadership and contribution to the US Sales team, and his role in building up a sales org with such extraordinary talent and potential over the last 8 years.

I have begun a search for a new VP of US Sales.  In the interim, I have asked Barry Dougan to step in and lead the A&O US Sales team.

I have tremendous amount of confidence in all of you and know each of you will continue to do great work for our customers and each other.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Barry or your managers if you have questions. I look forward to seeing you at NSM.



Read the other memo from the link below.

Source: Recode

  • Guest

    Rats jumping off a sinking ship…

    • nickcraze

      If a sinking ship makes record revenue and increase their bottom line throughout all areas. At the same time its the most versatile company with the best portfolio of any company then I guess its sinking upside down.
      Go troll elsewhere!

      • Guest

        And this is why Ballmer got pushed out by the Board…

  • deathdealer351

    If he was part of selling win 8, Xbox one with the drm. Then ya it was due

  • Davey

    honestly, anyone in sales & marketing at Microsoft leaving is beneficial to company. They desperately need new blood!

  • Tips_y

    In my native tongue, we have appropriated the Spanish word “delicadeza” to mean “common decency”. So after all, Keith Lorizio has the “delicadeza” to resign, considering the slow growth of WP in the U.S.

    • grs_dev

      Actually Microsoft senior leadership has the class to allow him to resign as opposed to firing him…

  • grs_dev

    Good riddance!
    A company’s CEO is its #1 sales person.
    The new CEO should be have his own sales and marketing team.