Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios President Talks About Future Of TV

Nancy Tellem is the president of Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios which is now creating original programming for Microsoft’s Xbox platform. During a panel on the future of content at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Nancy spoke about the future of TV and how the content will involve with the upcoming technologies.

She also revealed that Microsoft is working on interactive original content that is different from what it exists today. “Unlike developing a show and adding interactivity after the fact,” she said, “we are going to start from the beginning.” ,”You can’t have interactivity for interactivity’s sake.”

Microsoft also revealed that they are also working on a Halo based TV program for Xbox users directed by  director Steven Spielberg. Watch the video above and read about it from link below.

Source: CNN

  • joe bedlocks

    if its not significantly faster, lighter and thinner I will lose all hope in MS and will turn to the dark side. Please make the right move MS. This is it for you and I, the final chance. — long time customer

  • BIAS

    I love HALO. Hopefully the TV series will be at least as good as the web series forward unto dawn

  • Edward Buchanan

    I love Halo! Looking forward to the TV series.