Microsoft’s Xbox vNext To Integrate With Existing TV Cable

xbox 720

We all know that Microsoft is working on some cool stuff related to TV in the upcoming Xbox vNext release. One part of the story was to create Xbox LIVE exclusive content for the subscribers and the other part of it was to enhance the traditional cable TV experience. According to the recent report from The Verge, Xbox vNext will take the existing cable signals in and present it with the Kinect based UI and will have more features over it.

The functionality will work by taking a cable box signal and passing it through to the Xbox via HDMI, allowing Microsoft’s console to overlay a UI and features on top of an existing TV channel or set-top box. We’re told that this is a key part of the next-generation Xbox and that it will go a step further than Google’s TV implementation thanks to Microsoft’s partnerships with content providers. Extended support for various cable services will be rolled out gradually, but the basic functionality will be available at launch.

Read more about it from the link below.

Source: The Verge

  • rick roll

    This sounds like pure gold to me if true.

    • J A

      Sounds just like what I (and probably many others) have suggested over a year ago. They however have to factor in things like multiple digital cable tuners that will allow CableCards to enable DVR functionality if they plan to use cable TV otherwise if the plan is on IPTV they can then use the cloud to “flag” users’ recordings since they will be stored anyway.

  • JohnCz

    Sounds great to me especially if they add some basic time shifting capability. I highly doubt there will full DVR capabilities when there is plenty of on-demand content .. at least with my provider. What I’ll be looking to learn is what sort of impact this might have on changing channels and boot up time of the new XBox.

    • Avatar Roku

      New Xbox is always on in low power mode. The system never shuts off so it boots instantly. It also is a multitasking beast so it switches between apps, live tv, and games instantly. It is very much like Windows 8. Boots fast, switches apps fast, and connected standby enables it to update your apps and games while the system is sleeping.

  • Mark Matheson

    Since most new TVs are now ‘smart’, why can’t MS just leave it to the cable companies and TV manufacturers to come up with that stuff – most people won’t switch on a console to watch TV so don’t shoehorn these unwanted features and instead focus on giving us a great games machine.

    I don’t want another multimedia device that also plays games, vNext should to primarily be a games console – just like its predecessors.

    • J A

      Well your description fits what others are doing “shoehorning” other functionalities into TVs, assuming you will get rid of your current and perfectly up-to-date TV for it. A console is not making you get rid of your TV, it is an optional accessory that brings together your multimedia in whichever way you choose, You are not required to play games with it or use every one of its features. In fact, you are not required to turn it on at all or not to use it as a door stop.
      Because some other lame toys like Roku, AppleTV, etc barely have any useful feature does not mean the Xbox has to follow suit.