Microsoft Releases An Update To Enable An Automatic Update From Windows RT To Windows RT 8.1

When Microsoft released Windows 8.1 last year, consumers were asked to update through Windows Store for the first time. Windows users usually use the built-in Windows update to receive any major updates or bug fixes, Windows RT to Windows RT 8.1 update was not allowed to be done the same way. Because of that, many users didn’t update their Windows RT devices to Windows RT 8.1. To fix this, Microsoft has released an update that enables Windows RT to update to Windows RT 8.1.

If you have enabled Automatic Updates on a computer that is running Windows RT and that has update 2871389 (  installed, this update can automatically start the update process to Windows RT 8.1.

This update is available from Windows Update

Source: ZDNet

  • counterblow

    correcting a stupid stupid mistake to ever put this update in the Store. Hope they fired whoever had that bright idea.

    • Jeff Hung

      Apple distributes their OSX update through App Store since Lion. I guess it’s how Microsoft gets the idea of distributing major Windows upgrade through Store.
      Distributing OS upgrades through store app enables charging customers if they want to sell the upgrade instead of giving it away for free. It also effectively prevents piracy. As I know, Apple took no action to prevent users from sharing one OSX installation disc to upgrade multiple Mac until they distribute Lion exclusively on App Store.
      However, things have been changed as Apple is unlikely to charge for OSX upgrade anymore and Microsoft probably would do the same. The benefit of distributing OS upgrades through digital content store may never take off.

  • Bartłomiej Romanek

    Is this update available for computers with Windows 8 (x86)?