Minecraft Touch demoed on Windows 8

Minecraft’s creator Notch took a pretty strong stand against Minecraft on Windows 8, but a bit like Valve’s Steam it seems where there is a will there is a way.

At Minecon 2012 a version of Minecraft optimised for touch was shown off. The app still appears to be a Windows desktop app, but as long as Windows 8 users with x86 tablets will not need to pull up a mouse and keyboard it is still progress.

Hopefully the Minecraft team, who Notch no longer is directly in charge of, will see sense and finally release a Windows Store app rather that stick to a bizarre ideological stance, which did not stop them from releasing Minecraft for the iOS App store for example.

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  • CG

    My ideological stance is that I’m not going to support software developed by hypocritical dumbasses so they can keep their App :)

  • GGlazer

    Minecraft looks like it’s my final obstacle to move my daughter completely over to a surface and WP. Then I can finally dispose of her Icrap. Great news. I hope an RT version comes soon after the x86 version.

  • Keifwoki

    my son is quite upset he is loosing the world he created with minecraft but is happy to leave it behind for a new laptop…. As will many other users. App vs OS hmmm ….I think you’re going to loose notch! Progress and change are are part of life, as well as business!

    • Lightning

      You can copy the world over. Copy the folder from C:UsersUsernameAppData.minecraft to the same location on the new computer.

      • Keifwoki

        sorry i should have been clearer, that would be fine if he’s new computer wasn’t a surface, but thanks for the heads up 😉

        • Keasbey

          ….. That still is not really a problem…lol

          • Keifwoki

            …. Dammit… RT Surface….

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/San-Ien-Jao/717169541 San Ien Jao

      He doesn’t need to lose anything.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/San-Ien-Jao/717169541 San Ien Jao

    He was bluffing to get MS to payup… looks like he won 😉

    • Keifwoki

      why do you say he won?

  • Psyllo

    still is the best sold arcade game on xbox live
    dont see much difference with the app store

  • Daniel Guenter

    Totally agree with this guy as a developer. Microsoft is supposed to be an open platform, unlike Apple. Lock me out of my own device will you? No surface for me.

    • NorwegianThirtySomething

      There. Is. No. Lockout. Jesus, how hard can this be to grasp…