Missed 100GB Free OneDrive Storage Giveaway From Microsoft? Now Microsoft Is Giving 20GB For Free For Year

If you missed out the 100GB OneDrive Storage giveaway offer from Microsoft, Microsoft is giving a chance to get another 20GB. Microsoft sent the following mail to OneDrive users after the 100,000 people signed up for 100GB giveaway.

As you may have seen earlier today, we gave away 10 petabytes of storage to celebrate the launch of OneDrive. That’s enough space to store a selfie of every man, woman, and child on the planet and we’re thrilled that it went so quickly! Did you miss out? Don’t worry. Because of your interest in OneDrive before it launched, we want to make sure you can get started with some extra storage too.

You can click the link in your mail to get an extra 20 GB for one year, and after you redeem your storage, tell a friend about OneDrive by forwarding this email and they too can get extra storage by clicking that link.

  • Andrea Ci

    I want it 😮

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    got 100GB plus 20GB plus 3GB plus 7GB plus 25GB …wahoo….and its keeps going up !

    • Vô Danh

      Please give me the code for 20GB! Thanks!

  • vmxr

    got my free 3G earlier thanks to you I got an extra 20G :)

    • Vô Danh

      Can you give me code? Thanks!

  • jamkor

    one year? what happens after that – they just delete it?

    • Schooner1984

      100GB, or 20GB free for a year, means I don’t use it, so I don’t have to lose anything or pay for something. How about some renewable freebies. 100GB free now, get to keep it when I upgrade to Office 2014 (or whatever it will be called), maybe 20GB for Project (a personal fav), 100000000GB for buying a Surface RT (gotta move that inventory), et al. Yes, I joke at the end, but renewable free storage, ala loyalty program (esp slow moving products like WP) would benefit me and get me to encourage even more friends to move to WP.

  • adam

    didnt get the email :( only have 10gb booohooo

  • EU citizen

    didnt get any email and im a lumia user since october 2013