Modern Skype Now Syncs Messages Across Devices


An update for the Metro Skype app for Windows 8.1 has been released.  With this update, if you have Skype running on multiple devices, your read chats and picked up calls will sync automatically.  This update finally address the major pain points of Skype when the decision was made to kill off Windows Live Messenger.

Other devices will stop ringing when a call is answered When you pick up a call on any device and your modern Skype is on, the incoming ring will stop much faster. Whether you have Skype on a mobile, in your inbox, desktop, tablet or 2-in-1, Skype calls will sync up wherever you choose to take the call from.

Synced chats – Your chat history and read messages also sync automatically across devices. This way, wherever you are, you can continue the conversation you started. You can also send an IM while someone is offline and they will receive it the next time they sign in.

Has your Skype experience improved with this update?

Source: Skype

Download: Skype via the Windows Store

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  • Nfnc1234

    thank Christ for that! have they made it so you can re-name your contacts yet?

    • surilamin

      I was not able to rename a contact in the metro app, so not yet.

  • DTM

    So Windows 7 users are left in the dark?? :(

    • surilamin

      The desktop client was updated earlier and gets the same benefits. The changes are largely on the backend.

      • Cesar_Mattos

        I have premium.. only desktop Skype works

      • tofferne

        I have 5 – one is old and was forgotten, but also alive. And so we have separate for each WP8 phone, to avoid calls one all devices in the same time. And one main Skype for PC. The problem is now all devices only want to catch the same SKYPE address, after these new apps. No problems on the old desktop system on the PC. Only Windows 8 app and WP8 apps, very bad management from Skype and Microsoft. We are not free they want to decide everything.

  • tofferne

    But this new app is a problem,I have 5 different SKYPE accounts, and I use all of them. But it´s impossible to sign in with them in the new app, or maybe like always very Microsoft complicated. I can only use my things the old way on the desktop.
    The same is now happened with the new WP 8, also destroyed the same way, complicated and nearly impossible to use.
    When I open this new Windows 8 app, SKYPE manage to choose one of my Skype accounts, and absolutely not my main account, and I cant go away from it.
    I think it´s possible to make the sign in windows the old way where we can choose Skype name and password, and the same way on the phone.
    Also search is destroyed, when I search on my name I have 5 Skype on my name, but the Skype name is not visible – so witch one of them to choose.
    It’s terrible how these new Skype people can destroy it, now we start to use Viber on computers and phones every day, Skype is destroyed. I know a lot of people who do the same, start to use Viber, i’s much more easy and simple – the way people like it.
    Goodbye Skype you send us away with all this crab you make – I’m very sorry because I have all m contacts there.
    Please wake up quick before all people runs away from WP 8 and Windows 8, believe people are running fast in these days.

    • surilamin

      Just curious, why do you have 5 Skype accounts, is it possible for you to consolidate them? But hopefully multi-account support comes in the future.

  • Cesar_Mattos

    When are they going to add the group video chat?

    • surilamin

      Group video chat is available but is a premium Skype feature only. Due to competition from Google, it is my opinion, they will have to make this free at some point soon.

      • Cesar_Mattos

        I have premium. Only desktop skype works

    • Cesar_Mattos

      I have premium.. only desktop Skype works.