ModernMix Allows You To Run Windows 8 Modern (Metro) Apps In A Window

ModernMix Windows 8 Download

Stardock has released a new Windows 8 program called ModernMix which allows you to run Windows 8 Modern/MetroStyle apps in a windows similar to the way other classic programs operates. You can run multiple modern apps, minimize & maximize it, pin them to task bar, etc,.

  • Run modern apps in windows: ModernMix enables you to run multiple Modern apps in individual separate windows on the desktop as well as launch them from the desktop.
  • Apply custom settings: Modern app window sizes are remembered the next time you launch them.
  • Pin modern apps to the taskbar: Active Modern apps will also appear on your taskbar where they can be pinned for quick access later.
  • Bring back the familiar Windows look: Standard Windows 8 title bar is enabled for Modern apps. Explicitly close Modern apps by clicking its close button

Download it from Stardock here. It comes with 30 day free trial after which you need to pay $4.99.

  • Naga Harish

    Great guy..! This is really nice idea…

  • Naga Harish

    Great guy..! This is really nice idea…

  • Kitab

    A very good idea, expecially on desktops:)

    • Bugbog

      Yep, for those that want it!

  • steveo99

    This should have been the default way on desktops.
    One thing that doesn’t work properly: if the app has lost focus such as behind a window, the sound will mute. So I couldn’t get the Sky app to stream in the corner of my desktop with sound.. I assume this is a limitation of Metro apps rather than the ModernMix program.
    Other than that, great application, especially on my dual screen setup!

    • Lyonardo Stinner

      As nice as it would have been if this came default, consider what would happen if things like this came standard out of the box with Windows 8. Realistically, the more features packed into it the more locked down the rest of it can be for third parties, like Stardock, preventing them from doing future innovations.

      • frankwick

        I would rather see it in the core than available as a 3rd party add in.

  • Jens

    I love it.
    It´s nice on my Desktop PC. And it Shows that the Windows Apps are only Widgets.
    As before in Vista and Windows 7.

  • tirinti

    Yet another bugfix by third party.

    • frankwick

      I wouldn’t call it a bug fix. It’s more customization options that Stardock has done for years.

    • frankwick

      I wouldn’t call it a bug fix. It’s more customization options that Stardock has done for years.

  • Adrian

    Microsoft needs to pay Stardock to make a suite of apps and give them out for free

  • Adrian

    Microsoft needs to pay Stardock to make a suite of apps and give them out for free

    • arrow2010

      Microsoft needs to buy the company.

      • Robert Potter

        See, that’s not really what we want. It’s not a matter of Stardock doing things Microsoft is not capable of, but rather that they are doing things MS is not willing to do. So, the more independent they are, the better for us overall. At the very least, it let’s MS see where demand lies (see multi-monitor support)

      • grs_dev

        I agree that Microsoft needs to buy them and shut them down…

  • JimmyFal

    Peaked my interest. I have no interest in the Start button replacement, but I may take a look at this one.

  • grs_dev


  • DW

    The current Windows 8 UI needs an update. It’s crazy opening a photo from the Desktop to be thrown into a Modern app – and then trying to get back to the desktop again. I’ve had to explain to seasoned Windows users that they need to press the Start key on the keyboard and find the desktop again, or else Alt-Tab to get back to the desktop where they came from. I certainly don’t have the answers, but there needs to be something to make the experience seamless and intuitive to use (maybe like a obvious back button for apps?).

    • Ocelotty1

      Choose a photo on the desktop, right click, select Open with.., select choose default program, select Windows Photo Viewer – voila no more irritating bounce to Metro. Rinse & repeat for all your standard desktop programs & very rapidly Metro is an afterthought. Now, assuming you don’t want to bother with a start menu, just download the Freeware – Skip Metro & you can boot straight to the Desktop. Enjoy :)

  • Franki86

    I love the idea of Metro apps in “Windows” when not on a tablet. I downloaded it onto my laptop to try it out. ModernMix works as advertised but it is still a little buggy and laggy (at least on my older dual-core laptop w/4GB RAM & 128GB SSD). In all fairness, it is still in Beta. Once the final version comes out, assuming the performance has improved, I will easily buy it.

  • Alejandro Machado R.

    This is like, one of the best ideas for Windows 8!!