More confirmation for Office for iOS, Android, will be included in Per user licensing


A European Microsoft division had announced that Microsoft will be releasing Office of iOS and Android in 2013. This was quickly shot down by Microsoft however, with  Microsoft’s Frank X. Shaw, head of corporate communications, tweeted on Wednesday that the "information shared by our Czech subsidiary is not accurate," adding that "we do not have anything further to share at this time."

A presentation however marked confidential on the new Office makes it clear that Microsoft will be offering Office as a Service, and that their per user and per household licensing will include mobile devices, including specifically iOS and Android.

Clients for these devices have been rumoured for a long time, and I think given Microsoft’s role as across-platform productivity software publisher, and with more than 1 billion connected devices in 2011, many not running windows, remains inevitable.

  • the person

    LOL….or you can just get a Surface RT with it built in for all users of the device.

  • Ef Jay

    RT officially obsolete.

    • Thomas Bundgaard

      Meh. Troll.

    • Bugbog


      • Ef Jay

        Its hardly going to make the ipad less attractive, is it, which is RT’s main competitor. Its a selling point RT devices will no longer have, and that will have an effect, no question. Maybe fanboys should look at it from the view point of an average consumer and understand why it could have a huge impact.

        • Timothy Gamble

          RT Office wiould still have the advantage because its actual Office, complete with K&M and all the features (except macros) and inputs that Office users know today. Even if MS did a version for iPad, it would be touch only with no mouse input, nor would it function like a desktop app.

        • Bugbog

          Even with it’s [overwhelming] brand cache, the iPad will still be competing with the Surface RT on their respective merits.

          Sure the iPad will sell much more, but that doesn’t negate the qualities of the Surface tablet altogether. And once other factors start to impact the consumer, it will build out its own brand awareness.

    • lol

      how bout you just stfu you fag

      • Ef Jay

        Forgot your meds?

        • lol

          no, you fag

  • Bugbog

    Not too sure how this will work on IOS? Does that mean Microsoft will be paying Apple a 30% cut for every License sold?

    That would be hilarious!

    It may [ultimately] be profitable, but I don’t think that either the profit sharing or Image it portrays make it a worthwhile venture.

    • PhilVoid

      Or, they could make it a free app to download. To use it, you’d need a paid subscription.

      • Bugbog

        Which would then be an in-app purchase and still liable for Apple tax!

        • PhilVoid

          Is that how Netflix works on iOS? Does Apple get 30% from Netflix subscribers?

          • Bugbog

            I can’t say for certain that it is the exact same 30%, but they did change their T&C last year, necessitating that all in-app purchases go through the Apple iTunes servers. Ensuring that they get get a cut of that pie also. Some merchants pulled out, others increased their fees.

    • kalval

      There is no way they’d give up 30%. They will either work around it by giving it free only to users who already subscribe to windows/OSX office, or they will force apple into a corner by releasing it on android with a subscription where MS would get all the profits. Apple couldn’t ignore that.

  • skruis

    I highly doubt the existing desktop version of Office was ported. More than likely, this will be a watered down touch version possibly on par with OneNoteMX which will still leave Windows RT devices with a competitive advantage.

  • duk3togo

    Personally I feel MS will charge for office on their competitors OS, while the RT will be free.

  • grs_dev

    Actually this is not very different from what you get today with Office Web Apps. They’re basically saying that the licensed and activated version of Office 2013 will allow you up to 5 devices, so you better use those devices wisely…