More corporate reshuffling: Andy Lees becomes “head of corporate development and strategy” at Microsoft


The aftershocks of Steven Sinofsky’s departure still appears to be resonating in Microsoft, shaking loose quite a few positions there.

The latest to be affected is Andy Lees, previously head of Windows Phone development, until he was moved to a position with Barnes and Noble and Microsoft’s NewCo joint venture, which we assume was the "a time-critical opportunity focused on driving maximum impact in 2012 with Windows Phone and Windows 8".

He has now been moved to be the head of corporate development and strategy at Microsoft, which is a rather nebulous title.

In his new role he will assist with overall corporate strategy and financial activities, and will now report to Microsoft CFO Peter Klein rather than Steve Ballmer, as he did in his last post.

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  • redtidal

    I thought Lees got benched after didn’t do a good job on WP. And now he back on strategy?

    • n6600

      I had the same question when I read the article :)

  • longjob

    Not news, he has been in this role for over a month