More Improvements And New Features Spotted In Windows 8.1 Build 9471

Windows 8.1 Calender app

Windows 8.1 build 9471 x64 got leaked on the web few days back and this new build has got several improvements over the past builds that got leaked.

We previously listed some of them here. Some of them are updated People hub with some new UI, updated Xbox Video app, apps now has hint to show users about availability of Apps bar, etc,. There are some more improvements spotted in the build.

  • When you install Windows 8.1 RTM version from the Windows 8.1 preview, you will lose all the Metro/modern apps and desktop applications.
  • Mail app has the ability to pin folders
  • Calendar app has got new UI with “What’s next,” screen.
  • Photos app now allows you to import photos from other devices.
  • Skype app comes per-installed which replaces the old messaging app.

Source: Winsupersite

  • Paloma_Pastiche

    When clicking the headline on WMPoweruser ( for Microsoft News articles) please link direct to Microsoft News.
    It’s pointless linking to another link page that doesn’t give any further information!
    It’s also very annoying and a waste of time.

    • TryllZ

      For me I know about this, so I just click on the source, open the direct link and save my own time…..

      • neva

        I do the same has you do but he has a point.
        Toke me some time to get used to click the source instead of the title…

        • TryllZ

          I know he has a point but from my experience I know the design of a Microsoft news with that icon of Microsoft News, so I know where to click…
          But its his choice how to get it done, I was just presenting my opinion…:)

  • Mikado_Wu

    MICROSOFT – ADD Groups to the People HUB. Phone is great, but it sore would make it more powerful if we had it on the Surface/Desktop/Laptop too.

  • Daniel @warmth Delgado

    Pre-installed* #typo

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    I cant be sure just yet, but I think pinch to zoom interfers less with Swipe Back And Forth In Explorer 11. It works better here…. Will have to report back on that.

  • Mark Attridge

    Tried the update to 9471 but I’m still showing 9431. Anyone else have the issue? Apps aren’t updated like mail and people plus IE got really buggy.

  • Yuan Taizong

    In reality these are nothing more but Builds, the only certainty will be what’ll launch, but it’s always good to see the development process, I’m sad Movie Moments won’t be included in the pre-installed apps.