More Information On Outlook For Windows RT Devices Leaked

Outlook Web App 3 screens

We all know that Microsoft is working on Outlook for Windows RT devices. But the real question is, when is it going to come? Two prominent Microsoft bloggers from Winsupersite and ZDNet today revealed some info on Outlook RT based on their information from sources.

Paul’s info,

It’s perhaps more interesting that Outlook RT has made its way outside of Microsoft as well. This suggests that it’s much closer to an actual release, though I have no information about when that might happen.

I was told, however, that Outlook RT didn’t make the cut for the initial release of Windows RT because of a firmware bug in the ARM chipset that would cause the application to hang or crash over time. This is different from what a source had told me previously—something about battery life issues—but neither Outlook RT user professed to notice anything like that. Interesting.

Mary’s info,

This same source said all of the Office apps — not just the core Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote — have been ported to ARM already. Once the initial work was done to shift to the ARM compiler, the task of porting the apps to ARM was less arduous, given the fact that huge chunks of each app is shared code. This shared code was developed by the Modern Office Experience (MOX) team and is known as  MSO (Modern Shared Office?), my source said.  MSO supposedly implements huge amounts of shared code for the office apps — all the file access code, registry access, graphics, interfaces, etc.

“In short, these (Office) apps have been runable on ARM for a long time,” my source claimed.

Read more about them in detail from the links below.

Source: Winsupersite, ZDNET

  • Davey

    Putting Outlook onto RT devices would immediately boost corporate sales! Can’t believe it’s actually taken them this long. However the inability to join a domain is still an issue!

  • jack frost

    this is really great news…can’t wait.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Noy surprised.MS has had countless previous versions of outlook, and office for that matter. Now why could they bring new and stable versions of office, but not outlook. Its all patents and marketting in my opinion. A game perhaps, but a lousy one.