More information on Windows 8 Online ID revealed


We saw a screen shot for the control panel entry for Windows 8 Roaming Profiles, and today we a set-up screen where the feature is explained to first time users.

According to the screen the Single Online ID allows users to have their personalized Windows Settings, Personalized experiences for your programs, sign-on settings for websites and apps and have easy online password recovery.

From the Control panel screen we know the service will allow users to  take your desktop wallpaper, accessibility and language settings, application settings and search settings and also taskbar, explorer and mouse settings to any new computer.

Users will also be able to take their saved WIFI and website credentials with them, meaning your saved passwords will travel with you from computer to computer.

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  • Josè Daniel

    What if you have several Microsoft Live IDs?

    • Monkey D Black

      then I would guess that the same way that they do it for Xbox, zune pass, windows phone….that it’s the account that is associated with the computer. so if you have multiple accounts linked to the computer, I’m guessing you will be able to use any of those accounts.

    • Travis New

      I have 3. 2 are for what whenever I have to make a login for some random forum if I need and one is my actual personal email account which is linked to LIVE and ZUNE.

  • Monkey D Black

    this is really nice. i’m looking forward towards this functionality. I don’t know of any other OS that does this. this is innovation for the whole industry. I wonder how long it’s going to take the others to copy this. when the apps are on servers this becomes much easier.

  • Richard Williams

    They really need to sort out the terrible random background images.

    Who designs this? Function over gimmicks please.