More Information On Windows 9 Leaked, May Include A New Feature To Backup And Restore System Image From Cloud

As we near the launch of Windows 8 Technical Preview, more details about it is getting leaked online everyday. Today, WZor posted few information on Twitter regarding Windows 9. Find the summary below,

  • Metro UI won’t be enabled by default in Enterprise and Server versions.
  • Special build of Windows 9 Enterprise Technical Preview is compiled already, OEM test builds of Windows 9 Pro won’t be available for public.
  • Test build of Windows 9 RT for ARM processors is compiled too, but it can be tested only on Surface 3.
  • Microsoft is planning to attract more users to Windows 9 by offering great deals for Windows 7 users.
  • Those who bought Windows 8 Retail versions or bought a machine with it, will receive special offer, worth about 20$.
  • Windows 9 will support 3D on UHD TV.
  • New feature: backup and restore system image from cloud.
  • Microsoft is developing ability to virtualize backups of physical systems in the cloud.
  • “Cloud hypervisor” – it’s a reality.

I’m more interested in knowing about the last three bullet points above. We have seen many patents related to cloud based virtualization solutions for desktops from Microsoft in the past.

Source: MyDigitalForums

  • Willem Evenhuis

    I think the deals will be more interesting than the cloud back up. For businesses, yes cloud backup could be interesting. But as an end user I would be much more interested in thumb drive back-ups. With the cloud one is entirely dependant on a good internet connection. I’ve still not experienced one that’s good, such I don’t trust cloud backup.

  • a7medo778

    Wasn’t the plan is to merge RT and WP ?

    • icanhazinternet

      Still is the plan. There just won’t be any RT previews available on phones.

      • Asgard

        There will be, but later (early 2015).

  • Tyler Rideck

    When is Surface 3 expected? Will it be delayed to launch with Windows 9 RT and phone merged system?

    • Kevon

      Surface 3 is already on the market :)

      • Pws

        No surface 3 pro is on market… not surface 3 (on RT)

  • jim

    I think Microsoft allow AGAIN Windows 7 user (pirate Windows 7) upgrade to Windows 9. :)

  • Rico Alexander

    If they don’t modify the desktop look to better match the metro look then I would be very disappointed.

  • Kevon

    Isn’t it a bit late for a Windows 8 tech preview?