More PS4 Users Experience Hardware Issues; 360 1-Star Reviews On & Climbing

It seems to me this will be a series of posts, please read Part I of our in-depth chronicling of the hardware issues plaguing the PS4:

Well I must congratulate Sony for copying Microsoft so successfully.  In an effort to emulate some of the successes of the Xbox 360, Sony has included their own version of the RROD (Red Ring of Death) in the PS4, let me introduce to you the Blue Light of Death (BLOD). The difference between the RROD and BLOD, is the BLOD is appearing immediately or only after a few hours of use, pointing to bad components/build quality, while the Xbox 360 had heating issues, which caused problems over time.  On top of that, Sony’s rating for the PS4 is plummeting on Amazon, two days back the PS4 had a 4.5 rating on, toady the rating has dropped to 3.5 stars.  Generally when you looks at the overall reviews you want to sees a decreasing cascade (upside down pyramid) through the star ratings.  Most number of 5 star reviews, then slightly less 4 star reviews, then even less 3 star reviews, and obviously very little 1 star reviews.  Now the PS4 on the hand has an hour-glass shaped review breakdown; 600 5 star ratings and over 360 1-star ratings.  This means nearly 50% of their overall ratings are 2-star or below!  Reading through the rating many users are complaining of hardware issues, BLOD being frequent among them.  Also being reported by users are HDMI problems, it seems the issue originally reported by Kotaku is not isolated.

PS4AmazonAmazon Review PS4

Social media is also buzzing and complaining about PS4 hardware issues, just take a look at twitter.  The hashtag #PS4Broken is trending.  Is speculated the extra $100 would be well worth to ensure build quality, I think this is turning out to be quite true.  In an effort to compete on price it seems Sony had a much more relaxed quality control system, which ironically is going to cost them much more in the end.


If the above wasn’t bad enough, people are also saying a firmware issue is causing software problems in games, the only thing the PS4 was supposed to be good at.  EA originally posted the 1.50 PS4 firmware was causing issues in some games before pulling the post.

PS4 firmware


Brad Sams over at Neowin has a very similar piece and I suspect mainstream news articles on this will be coming out Monday.  This launch is turning out to be a disaster for Sony and I think this was a critical test for them to stay relevant in the next decade going forward.


  • blackhawk556

    It seems these things might be able to be fixed with software updates which shouldn’t be a problem in the long run. Xbox 360 had hardware problems which was a big issue because people had to ship it out and be without a system for several days (weeks?). Sony will be on top of this so it shouldn’t be a problem in the long run. If Sony takes a while to nail this down, Microsoft might have a better chance with their weaker hardware system. (noticed I said hardware and not software :-)

    • Brandon Hanchett

      My question is: how are they going to distribute a software fix if the system won’t start up?

      • laserfloyd

        ^ This. If the system won’t power on or startup correctly then a simple patch won’t cut it. Future systems, yes but the current systems are going to have to be replaced.

      • blackhawk556

        Is there a safe mode boot that can allow them to update the system?

    • nohone

      The Sony forums have many posts about disks that will not eject, disks that cannot be inserted, grinding noises from the Blu-ray drive, disks that spin very fast, overheating, HDMI ports that are deformed, controllers that will not connect, video output corruption, and many more problems.
      Other than the controller problem, none of that could be software related. Remember, each of these devices are exactly the same. Every device has the same spec CPU, GPU, HDD, Blu-ray, I/O subsystem, etc. So if one device had a problem, then every device would have the problem. If it were a software problem, it would affect every console.
      But kudos to you, trying to distract and try to turn it into a discussion about the 360 and a supposedly “weaker” X1. Deflect and distract at its finest.

      • NGM123

        All lies, thousands of lies !!

      • Jack Wallace

        Doesn’t quite work like that. Just because every machine is the same spec, does not mean every component was made by the same machine, in the same batch, in the same factory.

      • blackhawk556

        Dude, I’m not trying to distract or anything. I’m actually a microsoft follower (not a die hard fanboy) that even criticizes microsoft when I think they should be. I’m just giving sony the benefit of doubt that this is a system wide issue. No reason to start laughing at them or making fun of them when the X1 isn’t out yet. What if the X1 is plagued with issues as well? We end up looking stupid for talking trash.

      • blackhawk556

        What sony forums are you talking about? I’m interested in reading about this a little more.

      • blackhawk556

        Another thing, just because one component is bad doesn’t mean every single one if them is bad. This is completely wrong.

        • nohone

          I am specifically saying that one component being bad means that all of them are bad. There seems to be multiple issues, few of them can be fixed with a firmware issue. Relatively few of the components are sourced from multiple vendors. Sony makes the laser, AMD makes the CPU and GPU. HDMI ports are so ubiquitous, that problems with the connector should not happen (have you ever heard of any device, on this scale, with a bad HDMI port?). So every component should be exactly the same, and if there was a problem, it would be on a case by case basis, something that Sony cannot fix with a single software update.

          I rarely laugh at the failures of a company, it is always directed towards the fanboys. From the time the X1 was announced, the fanboys went crazy finding fault in every single thing Microsoft did with the X1, from support for multimedia, to the components used to build the X1, to the resolution of games, and most famously the DRM. And on every criticism, Sony has done the same damn thing. I said I rarely point the finger at the company for the fanboyism, but in this case I do. Sony made it a point to generate the fanboyism, with the sharing “commercial” done by two Sony execs, down to Sony criticizing a t-shirt someone from Microsoft wore, Sony is been actively involved in the disinformation campaign against the X1. And while I feel bad for those who got a bad device (if those people were not ones spending their days attacking MS), there is a bit of perhaps Sony should have made sure their shit worked rather than attacking others because frankly, if the X1 simply turns on, they are already ahead of the PS4.

          The forums are the official Sony ones at

    • NGM123

      Agree totally, cough. This is nothing more than 360 fantards attacking Sony. Apparently thousands of 360 fantards around the globe have coordinated this malicious attack, probably paid by MS if the truth be known. it’s all just media BS and lies. There is no problem, click, problem, click, problem, click, problem, click, problem.

      • Forg0t2

        All the problems i hear about that almost none of the machines function well all comes from Microsoft based communities. The facts still are that 0.4% of the total amount of sold PS4’s have “minor issues”. There is even a guide to solve most of the issues and Sony said that it doesn’t receive a lot of complains,… so….

        • nohone

          Microsoft has a 0.0% Xbox 1 failure rate. If Sony can state before the PS4 is even released that there is a 0.4% failure rate, and have that same figure being quoted after it ships, then the X1 will forever have a 0.0% failure rate.

          And ignore the Playstation forums – the biggest of the Sony based communities – is full of complaints, people with PSN connection problems, disk errors, BLOD problems, no, ignore them because Sony said that very few people are complaining. Because if Sony says it, then it must be true just like how they said they don’t use rootkits.

  • Addikti

    I wish you’d stop already.

    • nohone

      Yes, reporting problems is wrong, unless those problems (real or imaginary) are with a Microsoft product, then it needs to be reported for years and used to as a way to “prove” Microsoft is a bad company.
      No, a problem with Sony/Apple/Google needs to be ignored, and the users of products from those companies need to stay quiet to make sure the image of Sony/Apple/Google is protected.

      • Addikti

        I was referring to what sounds like a 12-year-old’s ongoing crusade against anything not Microsoft. Mostly legit news and even some valid points but too often dipped in a thick batter of neener neener.


        Almost like venturing into Apple fanboy territory.

        I personally think Microsoft puts out effin’ rocking products. Already on my third Windows Phone handset and wouldn’t think of fiddling with any other OS. Actually, I have an Android tablet ’cause it was cheap and it’s really annoying to use.

  • CyberAngel

    “BLOD is appearing immediately or only after a few hours of use, pointing to bad components/build quality”
    Try to download a fix for bad components!
    Also a frozen device needs to be send to repair
    No Christmas for many early PS4 adaptors :-(

  • NGM123

    It’s all a set up, there are no hardware issues, this video is yet another fake. This is just thousands of MS fanboys being douches in an organised and strategic anti Sony campaign…………………apparently.

    • blackhawk556

      Someone actually believes this?

      • nohone

        You wouldn’t believe some of the things being said as an excuse. There are no real problems, the X1 fanboys are going to the forums and creating the problems. Amazon has, when I looked yesterday, over 400 verified purchases complaining about problems, but some have claimed they just bought a PS4 to complain. Some of those verified buyers have even said that while on the phone with support, Sony is blaming Amazon, as if the way Amazon shipped the device has an affect on pins of the HDMI port is made.

        • Guest

          If you had more confidence in yourself you wouldn’t have such a need to “prove” your right by spending time to review over 400 verified purchases. It just sad even for a fanboy. :(

    • Jeff Hung

      Yes, there’re so many people spend $400 on something they hate just for posting negative reviews as verified buyers on Amazon from day one. And this large scale conspiracy group is way more well organized and covert than NSA so no one would whistle blow it and draw backfire to Xbox community./s

  • Marco Gomes

    Honestly, i can´t help but to feel sorry for those who were hoping to have their PS4 up and running. It´s not funny when you splash a few hundred dollars and end up buying a freaking headache.

  • cgh

    Before us Xbox One fans laugh too hard, it’s worth pointing out there might be as many problems with our console when it launches. Let’s wait and see if the XB1 is good, then laugh.

    • blackhawk556

      Exactly! We should wait for the X1 to be released and make aure it works correctly before we start talking smack.

    • luca

      you are right!! before laughing we should get our Xbox One and hope for the best….. but honestly after the few issues i had with my 360 first gen i will wait a bit before buying the new xbox. My 360 went to assistance twice under warranty and once the year after. But since than it always worked and it´s still rocking!!!! Fingers crossed!! I need it to do at list 6 more months and than i will consider Xbox One!!

  • Forg0t2

    This is what happens when you want to be number 1. Pressure will get too high, consumers expects alot from ur stuff and when it all stacks up a million time all you can do is fall really damn hard face down into the ground. I’m interested to see Xbox One’s hardware issues cause i think they are both going to drop like flies. Perhaps the PS4 even harder since Microsoft already dropped thanks to its poor press conferences. Bad year for console gamers….

  • Jhora Zakaryan

    There’s too much buzz about the PS4 issues. I understand that very limited number of people could get a bad unit, or there might be software issues, but the things are not that bad! Last month I had to replace a Dell laptop from BestBuy twice before getting a perfectly working unit… That’s always the case with any type of consumer electronics.
    My PS4 unit is working like a charm with no overheating or crashing/hanging…
    Both XBOne and PS4 are good pieces of hardware as long as you get your hands on a good unit (It’s too soon to judge XBOne, but I’m sure Microsoft won’t have major issues). So relax people, stick to your console of choice, shut your mouths and play.

    P.S. Go ahead, downvote me MS fangirls.

    • nohone

      In other words, dont have an opinion unless it is your opinion.

      • Guest

        Maybe you could promote your “Apps” and not be so afraid of the world if you didn’t try so hard to start fights with others.

        • nohone

          Or perhaps you should mind your own damn business and f-off.

          • Guest

            See this is the behavior that makes you afraid to promote your Apps, if they even exist. But I doubt you would be both a rude AND lying fanboy. For that would mean you have no credibility…

          • nohone

            No, it is because I don’t like it when a useless nothing like you wants to worm there way into my personal life, and being a threat to my family.

          • Guest

            Your projecting… Your fears are not real (just like your apps LOL)!

          • SategB

            Your being a bit hard on my friend. Yes he is full of passion and sometimes gives in to his worst nature but we all been guilty of that in our youth.

            Maybe you should too focus more on the discussion at hand

  • Bloob

    According to Sony, the failure rate reported so far is 0.4%.

    • nohone

      That was the number reported by Sony before it even shipped, it was a few consoles shipped to the press and the Taco Bell contest winners. Second, they had that number fairly quickly, before actually seeing how many consoles had problems. Third, that is the same exact number reported by Sony of the problems with the YLOD and the PS3. What a coincidence!

      • Bloob

        Well, before we know more, it’s kind of pointless to speculate on how widespread the issue(s) is(/are). A few hundred complaints on Amazon isn’t all that much compared to the number of sold units (from WP news we know that Amazon numbers don’t represent general populace at all).

  • Bob

    Trying to read this article was painful with all the typos.

  • andy

    They “copied” Xbox. So by the end of 2014 there won’t be a single person with a working PS4 console? But please do leave out any articles of Microsoft charging for repairs on Xbone that their Day One update caused due to to the nature of the way it must be installed.