More Screenshots Of Windows 8.1 Update 1 Reveals Taskbar Preview Support For Store Apps

Windows 8.1 update 2014 1

Yesterday we posted screenshots of early Windows 8.1 2014 Update builds. It revealed one noticeable feature that many were complaining about, you can now pin Windows Store apps to taskbar. If you are among the millions of people who spend most of the time on classic desktop screen and rely on couple of Metro apps, this is a great feature. As you can see in the screenshot above, Windows Store app is pinned to the taskbar.

Apart from that, the pinned Windows Store apps in taskbar also supports thumbnail previews. As you can see in the below screenshot, PC Settings page content is displayed in the taskbar preview.

Windows 8.1 update 2014 2 Windows 8.1 update 2014

Microsoft is expected to release Windows 8.1 update 1 later this year in the coming months. May be, we will have a preview of that at BUILD conference in April.

Source: Win8China

  • RWalrond

    I could live with this….
    Not sure about having Metro Apps run in a Windowed environment but certain being able to use the task bar to switch to them makes sense.

  • TroyGates

    Anyone know what the system monitoring tool is in the lower right corner?

    • OberstDanjeje

      I’m curious too

  • counterblow

    gross…doing this makes Windows look like a glommed together mess

    • frankwick

      I like the idea of metro apps in a windowed environment. What I think looks like amess is all that junk down by the systray.

    • Emi the Strange

      thats why you can enable and disable this thing… I dont even have apps pinned to my taskbar, just IE and File explorer… the defaults, and couple desktop icons Line, Skype, Supercade, Potplayer and recycle bin…. and I never use them either, that means I use start screen 90% of the time, but I can see this a good option as long as you can decide if you want it or not, I might not use it, but I might use it as well.
      I know Microsoft should do a better merge between both UIs, but what can we do? again, as long as I can disable it (not like the useless Windows start button) I guess I can be fine with this.

  • Ryan T

    Looks like Microsoft is still chasing Apple. This appears to bring Metro Style apps into the “Full Screen” app category much like how OSX handled full screen apps, except it already supports dragging across multiple monitors, and multi-window full screen apps.

    • frankwick

      that is a huge stretch. people have been asking for metro apps on the desktop since Win8 was previewed nearly two years ago. MS is still plowing ahead with the metro touch UI as well.

  • Bugbog

    8.1 already allowed the user to snap Metro apps on the desktop. All this update does is also allow the user to pin the snapped app to the taskbar so that it can be opened from the desktop too!

  • grs_dev

    Confusing as hell. I am so disappointed. No backbone.

  • Ryan

    In the bottom right corner of the screen in screenshots -taskbar area… is that a new battery, cpu, network monitor toolbar add on for windows 8? or is that a separate app for people to use now? Would be cool if Microsoft added this to windows. Something they should have added a long time ago.