More Surface Mini Rumors Come to Light

A new report makes a number of claims regarding the long rumored Surface Mini.  It is believed Microsoft is working on a smaller version of the Surface 2 tablet, around ~8 inches and likely to be based on the Qualcomm chipset.

New information believes the device will be marketed a “consumption-class” device that is also ideal for note taking.  As with the current Surface 2, the Surface Mini is expected to ship with Office.  The Surface Mini will also support an an active digitizer and theoretically could support a Wacom digitizer with the correct drivers.  It may be a pen/stylus similar to that found on the Surface Pro devices.   Problems with the current supply chain, in keeping up with demand to produce current Surfaces in the market, was one reason the Surface Mini was not launched last fall.  The exact price and launch date is still unknown.  It is believed the tablet will launch mid to late 2014 at a price point near the Surface 2.

Source: Neowin



  • Lj

    WANT! This would be amazing with a Wacom digitizer screen. OneNote and a digitizer pen on a light 8″ tablet is exactly what I’ve been holding out for.

    • Bugbog

      And a multi-angle/multi-layout stand for when you wish to use Skype.

  • NicolaMantovani

    so, WinRT and not full W8? I’ll pass…

    • Joe_HTH

      Traditional Windows and Windows software sucks on a tablet, and always will. No sane individual really gives a squat about using Win32 software on a tablet, because it wasn’t built for it. On an 8″ tablet, Windows sucks even worse.

      Metro is the only part of Windows 8 that provides a great tablet experience. Traditional Windows never will.

      • NicolaMantovani

        And your point is? A baytrail tablet will do the same things and more, and probably for a lower price too. I should settle for LESS just for what, a kickstand? ROTFL.

        • Michael-Patrick Richter

          I think you don’t understand, what RT exactly is and what advantages it has over “regular” Windows versions.

          • NicolaMantovani

            Please feel free to enlighten me, it’s not like I know anything about what RT can and can’t do, obviously.

          • Michael-Patrick Richter

            Nah, I don’t really want to. Thank you.

          • NicolaMantovani

            Just what I hoped, Thank you too.

          • Michael-Patrick Richter

            You’re welcome 😀 Lots of stuff out there to read. Not easy to find, but worth it.

          • Name goes here

            Much improved battery life for starters.

          • NicolaMantovani

            That was sarcasm, btw.

        • Prayaas

          No, that’s a callow statement. I would prefer Windows RT any day over Windows on a tablet like that. Windows RT is lightweight, faster, cleaner. It does not “winrot”, is completely secure. It does almost everything one would need to do (and the average people especially).
          The average people don’t install Visual Studio or other fancy desktop apps, and that is why Chromebooks are (albeit just a little) taking off.

          • NicolaMantovani

            Look, I’m as much as a MS fanboy as anybody else here. We all know WinRT is a stopgap measure. If I ever splurge the cash for an 8inch W8 tablet, I might as well get the full package, thank you very much.

      • Bchau

        On a small screen, yes traditional Windows is not very useful. However, when I am back to office/home, I would connect the tablet to big monitor and use it as a full desktop. So I still want Win 8.1.

  • Joe_HTH

    “It is believed the tablet will launch mid to late 2014 at a price point near the Surface 2.”

    LOL! Then they might as well not even bother. Nobody is going to spend $400 for an 8″ tablet, unless it has ungodly specs and features.

  • redtidal

    On a 8″, I think a corner kickstand would make more sense, as it should be able to support since the device is small. then you get both portrait and landscape modes.

    8″ is a fine companion device for my 15″ laptop, as long as it can get upgraded to Win 9 (merge RT with Phone already!), then I have no problem.

  • Bchau

    I like the Surface Pro. The Wacom pen is great. However, it lacks the pen holder. I hope MS will change the design of the tablet to accommodate the pen.

    • Prayaas

      Doesn’t it attach magnetically?

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Nice formfactor indeed. But the statement of it going to be the best tablet for note taking is far from true. I already consider my surface pro as an ideal note taking device. The major issue I am still having is that there is too much focus of the wacom stylus as a note taking gimmick. After almost 10 years of stylus support in the hard/software devices,I think its time for microsoft to put the stylus front and center. Using a stylus on in windows 8 with onenote, journal, onenote app for modern UI and myscript notes mobile are some of the best programs/apps around for this platform, but the issue I’m running into is that the best features of each app is divided among these apps, which interupts the workflow and loses to a less cohesive and productive experince. What would make the surface mini a “true” note-taking device is if they could get serious of giving the stylus some more love after more than 9 years of support of the technology and start making a single app with the best features in a coherent end-user design for stylus use and excellent ink-to text recognition for a more coherent and productive experience. Its the achilles heal after more than five years of using the stylus on windows devices that is still a concerning issue. I’m still noticing that the UI is too much mouse and keyboard layout and input oriented. Also the ink-to-text recognition needs to be more inline and direct, than pressing a translation button after the stylus writing is done. And the recognition of handwriting still needs some refinement. Microsoft should already have over 9 years of data to accomplish this. Untill that software issue is fixed properly, I see the surface mini as no more than a gimmicky toy and a waste of R&D, with little productive potential in the notetaking department.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    If it’s going to be expensive then I’ll purchase an Acer Iconia running FULL Windows 8.X and probably a lot cheaper, but knowing the quality of Microsoft (and soon also Nokian) hardware I might save a bit extra for this. 😉

  • RoadOfMajor

    I hope it has a 1080p screen and not the crappy 1280×800 that everyone else seems to be using for 8″ Windows 8 tablets.

  • Ruufus

    Want with a proper pen holder