More Videos On Snapped Mode Feature In Microsoft’s Xbox One

Microsoft recently published a video to show how Xbox One’s all new dashboard UI coupled with great multitasking features will work. The dashboard UI looked similar to a Windows 8 Start Screen with Live Tiles. You can pin your favorite games, music, video, etc, to your home page of Xbox One. Xbox One now supports great multitasking, it does in two ways. First, the ability to switch between games, music, Skype calls, etc, instantly without any loading screen. Second, you can now snap a supported app to side of your screen. For example, you can watch live tweets associated with an event when you are watching an event, or you can have a Skype call while doing some other task, etc,.

Couple of similar videos showing multitasking capabilities of Xbox One went public today. In the video, you can see how you can have relevant info from internet on the side of your TV screen while playing Dead Rising 3.

Source: Xbox News

  • Haymo

    I like the machinima app and a nice surprise. It is exactly why microsoft created the snap apps. Can’t wait to hear about other apps are secretly being made.