More Information About Windows 8.1 Update


Ed Bott from ZDNet went to San Francisco yesterday to meet with Microsoft’s Jensen Harris and Antoine Leblond for a two hour preview of Windows 8.1. He shared some exclusive information and important clarifications in a blog post.

  • Synchronization capabilities between SkyDrive and Windows 8.1 are built directly into the operating system, where you can choose which cloud-based files or folders to sync with a local device. That’s a major change from Windows 8, which requires you to install and configure a separate utility to handle those tasks.
  • Clicking the Search charm no longer displays a long list of search scopes for you to go through one at a time. Instead, you get a single search box, and the unified results list includes apps, files, settings, and content from the Web and from installed apps like Wikipedia.
  • In Windows 8.1 you’ll be able to replace the lock screen background with a collection of photos in the local Pictures folder or on SkyDrive. Those photos appear in a shifting slide show, with some full-screen images and some as part of a collage.
  • According to Harris, this PC Settings was “about 10 percent complete in Windows 8, but it’s functionally complete now.” For the first time in the history of Windows that all Control Panel options and settings have been systematically refreshed to reflect a new design. Apparently a very large spreadsheet was involved in this undertaking.
  • And one of the most important elements of the desktop environment, File Explorer, is getting a significant change.
  • All these Windows 8.1 features are also coming Windows RT devices such as Microsoft Surface.

Read Ed Bott’s full blog post full of great Windows 8.1 information.

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  • Bugbog

    Quadruple Cool!!!

  • Otto Gunter

    All good stuff. I hope MS continues to release regular .x upgrades to improve the user experience, and that they continue to respond to feedback, good and bad. That would be a good thing indeed, and far better than waiting and hoping for WIN 9 to be what everyone wants. Touch is the future, and MS is leading the way. Nice change.

  • Alex_Horse

    Finally! Sync on RT! I am happy!

  • deniz

    nothing new here.. all this were announced by microsoft yesterday.

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    meehh “unified results list”… that sounds boring and stupid just like win7 search. that means i will rarely search (once again).
    I like Edbott but it sucks so much he is in zdnet… oh god those comments and people who are supposed to be “computer experts” being so ignorant and cluless about what they comment about (like Windows 8).

    edbott is surely one of the few valuable writters at zdnet, but it sucks i stopped Reading his posts because he is in one of the worst sites ever.
    Its nice to see some of the stuff Microsoft reported expanded and more explained, like skydrive integration, how pc settings is almost complete compared to control panel.
    cant wait for preview! i hope it gets leaked soon!

    • TheNet Avenger

      Sadly it is not just the people commenting, many of the writers are not technically inclined and either repeat bad information or try to amalgamate technical details that are non-correlative.

      It took nearly two years to convince Mary Jo that “MinWin” was NOT a different kernel/OS, when it was just a modularizing and refocus on adhering to the defined layers of NT. I wonder to this day if she technically understands that it was a rather minor enforcement of NT’s original principles and not a new OS project.

      • surilamin

        Well you are correct about MJF. She went to school for journalism and has zero technical knowledge. The reason she has gained popularity (besides her good sources) is because she has little emotion (i.e. no Apple or Google bias) and her posts are a good source of raw information which you can process yourself.

        Tech journalism is the worst, there is no denying that.