More Windows 8 Details From Microsoft’s Demo

1) As rumoured before Windows 8 Explorer will have ribbon UI. As you can see from the below picture, its ribbonized.

2) According to Manan, Windows 8 is going to have “Chatter” a unified voice & IM application built within the OS itself. It will be cool to have an application that allows you to IM or call an user from Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo and more. More details on it here.

3) There was no mention of Zune service on Windows 8 yet. Also Zune icon/tile was missing from the new immersive start screen.

4) OEM Activation 3.0: Microsoft during its COMPUTEX demo said Windows 8 will feature OEM Activation 3.0 technology that enables end-users with seamless activation experience. more details on this here.

5) Still no word on Silverlight as development platform on Windows 8. Sinofsky just confirmed that Silverlight will run inside IE10 browser which we all know.

I’ll update this post with more details as I find more info around the web.


  • James

    WHERE’S ZUNE! :(

    • Anonymous

      I think it will be there.  If they do something similar to whats on Windows Phone it will be Win City.  Or even the normal desktop client would suffice.

    • WixosTrix

      Well the Zune team is still probably working on the next release.  The services aren’t going anywhere.  You would still be able to run the software on Windows. I would be cool if the services were just built into the Metro UI like on Windows Phone 7. 

      All that sharing stuff in Windows Media Player, needs to come over to Zune. lol

  • Anonymous

    I like the ribbon. The share feature is one of my favorite options in Office 2010.

  • Ash

    There is a music tile if you look close enough…it resembles the one on wp7