Morgan Stanley survey finds 25% of tablet buyers are waiting for Windows 8 tablets


Morgan Stanley has conducted a survey which shows Microsoft could slip near instantly into the second spot in the tablet market.

According to their survey 25% of those intending to buy a tablet were planning to buy a Windows 8 tablet, ahead of 22% who intend to buy an Android tablet.

It seems its all about Office, said Morgan Stanley analyst Katie Huberty.

image“Our survey indicated Microsoft Office is the most important software feature to consider when purchasing a tablet, especially for first-time purchasers,” Huberty says. “Sixty-one percent of prospective tablet purchasers indicated that Office was the most important software feature vs. 44 percent for current tablet owners — which suggests there may be pent up demand for a tablet offering with a prepackaged Office bundle.”

The finding likely explains why Google purchased Quick Office, but also leaves Microsoft with a dilemma.

The company has been working on an Office product for iOS and Android, but releasing the software will likely make Google and iOS tablets more attractive and remove a major selling point from Windows 8 tablets.

This may very well explain recent rumours that the Office for iOS suite has been indefinitely delayed until Microsoft makes their mind up.

Do our readers think Microsoft should keep Office exclusive to Windows 8 tablets or do they risk losing revenue from buyers on other operating systems? Let us know below.


  • Anonymous

    I have to admit that while I’m typing this on a first gen iPad, and have a Kindle fire, I’m not planning on buying another of either. Both systems have their merits around being decent entertainment devices, but neither could replace more than 60% of my computer needs. I’ll be buying an Asus Transformer Book for my next purchase, and will probably give the toys to the kids to use. there’s just not enough functionality in either iOS or Android for my personal needs, and I think the Transformer Book will meet all of my usage cases since I do like the form factor, but need Windows.

    • Anonymous

      Thats a good point – iPads and Kindle Fires are cheap because they have less value. people spend more all the time for laptops because they can do more.

    • JimmyFal

      That’s what I call hitting the nail on the head. The best part is, no one is seeing this coming. Kind of makes me feel, I don’t know, like a “visionary” or something.

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting on a W8 tablet!  I got my wife the Playbook  but it was really for NetFlix and and the size then the day after the 2.0 update Netflix pulled out, err.  So I’m looking to get 2 W8 tablets this fall.  Hoping for some good deals though. 

  • Anonymous

    Exactly @Drewidian. Functionality will win out in the long run.

  • Anonymous

    Not very very surprising office is basically the most important productivity feature in enterprise,consumer and schools. So it would be likely it would be second place very quickly

  • Zicoz

    Honestly I don’t think 25% of tablet buyers know anything about Windows 8

    • Anonymous

      Well They would obviously shown it to them are you really that dumb?

    • Anonymous

       Whether they know or not, once they are buying a tablet, and Win8 has been released, then they will definitely consider it!

    • Smity Smiter

       But 100% of those users know the “Windows” brand.

  • Anonymous

    I never understood why MS would even consider releasing office on another platform so close to a major windows release and form factor launch such as the ultrabooks which come with touch screens and foldable or detachable keyboards along with dedicated tablet form factor devices.
    it is important they give these form factors two years (buying patterns) before providing office on alternative platforms. If windows 8 and the new hardware coming out is successful then MS may never release office anywhere else. The only challenge is the cloud which via office 365 which provides office via a browser and multiple platforms.

    • Anonymous

       I think they should take a minimum of 3 – 6 months to evaluate the uptake/success of Windows 8 tablets and other form factors before deciding to release on any other platform!

      • Asgardi

        I totally agree but the thruth is that Windows and Office are separate business units inside Microsoft who doesn’t really care about each other. The same applies to WP. We have seen many software relases from Microsoft for competing platforms in the past, even if WP would have benefited from exclusives.

  • EShy

    They should release office for ios after win8 tablets fate is established. If they can’t sell them, at least maybe you can sell office to other tablets. if they sell well and get an established market, it might not be a problem to release office for ios as well at some point.

    they should not release it for android though. that’s the competitor they should be focused on for now, don’t give them any help

  • Norbertolf

    im waiting too, i need a tool, not a toy.

  • Brandon28AU

    They definitely need to hold out releasing Microsoft Office for Android and iOS for a while. Office is definitely even without this statistics a major selling point for Windows 8. No one is allowed to release a product called Microsoft Office except Microsoft, and Quickoffice is going to take quite a while to gain the reputation of the Office suite. So Microsoft should keep it exclusive for a while, build up a Windows 8 base then release it on other devices. Release Windows 8 with the new Office, and don’t tell anyone, but 6 months later release it for Android and iOS  and you still would have gotten a lot of sales of Windows 8 tablets and the market for Office on other devices will still be strong enough for high sales.

  • Sincap

    I’m waiting for the windows tablet. The OS is more secure than Android. Also the Android is like a beta testing platform. It always crashes and has issues even after updates are done. With all the software written for the Android it requires more processor power to actually function normally. I sold both my Android tablet and smartphone. I bought myself a Windows Phone and waiting for the Windows Tablet. I will be able to work with great collaboration tools rather than beta testing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting on W8 i have the iPad 3 never opened it. W8 looks sweet can’t wait for Nokia tablet.

  • Anonymous

    MS is investing so much in Metro, Windows Phone, W8 and the three screens strategy it would be madness to release the crown jewels (MS Office) any sooner than two years from the release date of W8. In fact I would go so far as to say three years ! Migration from the office eco system is far slower moving than say the mobile market and should they release office to iOS you are basically signalling defeat of that strategy. The strategy requires people to refresh their hardware via purchases and we know that the majority of people don’t buy new PC’s or laptops in the first year of a new release.

    Keep Office on iOS up your sleeve MS because we know it will be an instant success anyway. However lets make no mistake releasing this is giving up a significant (OS gained) control to a competitor. You will be subject to their whole draconian eco system known as iTunes and from there it is a slippery slope as they have clearly shown they don’t listen to anyone on iTunes. MS you need to keep control.

  • Kitab

    Win 8 Tabs for me too. Don’t need a toy now, or ever. Bring it on…!

  • Anonymous

    To be honest I don’t know why MS doesn’t make it exclusive to their own platform. Can you imagine what it would be like if Apple owned Office? They,d have the common sense to use it to beat the competition.

    So far MS has put other platforms ahead of its own.