Mozilla releases preview of Firefox 18 for Metro


Mozilla has continued with their efforts to develop for Windows 8 by releasing the first version of Firefox Metro.  This version of Firefox runs on x86 Windows 8 in both the classic Windows environment and the new ‘Metro’ environment.  Users running the 64-bit RTM release of Windows 8 can download a nightly build of Mozilla Firefox from the Elm development branch, which is the experimental repository in which most of the ‘Metro’ development work has occurred.  Similarly to the Firefox Nightly channel, this repository produces nightly builds.  These builds self-update, allowing you to track Metro Firefox development. 

The preview of the browser includes a new Metro-style Firefox Start page, Metro touch and swipe gestures, support for Firefox sync, integration with Windows 8 ‘charms’ and Australis interface.  Mozilla promises extra features over upcoming weeks and months, including: tightened up Windows integration, improved performance and responsiveness and tying together any loose ends to ‘deliver a first class Firefox experience for Windows 8’. 

Google, the next move is yours.

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  • XB_Mod

    I’m not missing Google. They can stay away from Windows for all I care.

  • hysonmb

    At this point, I may be wrong but wouldn’t we expect most early adopters to be running x64? Companies are still treating 64-bit like a second class citizen but it would seem to finally be mainstream enough. I have family members who don’t know or care about what 64-bit means but are running Win7 x64 because that’s what shipped on their computer. Surely that can’t be an isolated situation.

    • Justin Sangoi

      x86 refers to the chip architecture. In this case, when they say x86 they mean that it will only work on Intel/AMD desktop based chips. If I remember correctly, the x86 is actually the base level of what became more advanced architecture. I was looking at new mobos recently and they were showing specs for x56 chips and such. I believe the number is supposed to represent the “size”. As the architecture gets smaller, so does the number. It is still based on x86’s original instruction set though.

      • TrickyD

        Er sort of :)

        x86 is the 32bit architecture found in all Intel & AMD chipsets. x64 is the 64bit architecture which is an extension of x86. This is what gives 64bit windows operability between 32 & 64 bit (meaning you can execute anything). So an x86 build of Firefox will run on any version of windows (except ARM).

        x56? Is an AMD part number I believe.

  • Asgardi

    Firefox 18 :) How stupid that sounds… And they are just loosing market share as companies and other organizations have started fleeing from the version hell.