Music Player Not Coming To Skydrive

Omar Shahine and Mona Akmal from the SkyDrive team held an AMA on reddit answering user questions.  We’ll be sharing any interesting tidbits.

A HTML5 music player had been built for Skydrive by interns about two years ago but there were never any plans to actually put it into the final product.

Omar Shahine:

That is correct. About 2 years ago we had a bunch of interns here and one of the projects they came up with was building an HTML5 music player in SkyDrive. We never actually released this and have no plans to do so at this time, but that’s why you saw the rumor about us doing a music player. Like many groups at Microsoft, we have ongoing conversations with the Xbox music team about their experiences, and as you probably know they just launched a new web Xbox music web experience which we think is pretty awesome (

Source: Reddit

  • robertwade

    Say it with me, Microsoft: INTEGRATION. You are heading in the right direction with your other cloud aspects. But for SkyDrive to be more ubiquitous we need to be able to use it as another tendril of our music library. Maybe this comes as a surprise, but a LOT of our music is NOT available in your Xbox cloud. Easily one-third of my music is not available there (half my library is of projects that are no longer in production ANYWHERE). I have a large portion of my library mirrored on my SkyDrive. Unfortunately, there is no way to stream more than one song at a time from SkyDrive.

  • grs_dev

    I had no idea people are actually interested in this feature. For me, I don’t see the need to buy music anymore when there are solutions like tunein, vevo, Pandora and other streaming options out there.

    • Tiamarth

      This feature is extremely important for a cloud storage app. I have a friend who creates music and sometimes sends me tracks for my opinion; I’m a member of a podcast and we often collaborate ideas over the cloud. This all happens on Google Drive, but I recently tried OneDrive out and found that I prefer it in every way except this one. It’s inconvenient to need to download audio files in order to need to listen to them. It’s the same argument for being able to edit documents or view photos online.