Must Watch: This Video Shows The Full Power Of Microsoft Surface 2

Often we come across comparisons of Microsoft Surface with Apple iPad. While both of them are meant to be tablets, Microsoft Surface running Windows RT is much more powerful than an Apple iPad. When you compare recently released Apple iPad Air and Microsoft Surface 2, I think Surface 2 offers lot more value to most of the consumers with full web browser support, USB port and kickstand built-in and more. This fan made video released yesterday shows the capabilities of Surface 2.

In this video I show off my favorite features in the Microsoft Surface 2, with windows 8.1 RT. I show off voice control (windows speech recognition), multiple monitor support, and a variety of accessories via USB hub (including external hard drive, mouse, keyboard, and Xbox 360 controller integration). I show how I connect the Surface 2 to my HDTV as well as wireless casting of music and video! I also go through some other features, such as Spotify web player, and icloud web. Also kid friendly applications and multiple accounts. There’s so much stuff this thing can do, it will blow your mind away!

When someone asks you why they should buy a Surface 2 against iPad Air, ask them to watch this video.

  • Lou_Sasshole

    That’s pretty damn cool.

    • Guest

      It is very cool but also points out one of the major reason MSFT has always struggled with being successful with tablets.

      90% of the population will never care, never use the complexity that is built into the product. People like me find that hard to believe, being a tech head, but that is the truth.

      People have turn to tablets because they do not need that much power, they want simplicity BS complexity. Productivity to them is answer email, minor photo editing, a little video, reading and games. We as tech people need to understand that rather then having contempt for it.

  • Vijay

    Hi Pradeep, A few questions for you
    1. Can you confirm the Media Formats natively playable by Windows RT and the availability of apps like VLC for playing any Media Format?
    2. Do all wireless Keyboards work with Windows RT or only select models for which drivers are available work?

    • Emily the Strange

      Windows RT is Windows 8 on arm, so its practically the same, of Windows x86-64 with no codec pack installed for example.
      i found this and this says “Applies to Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1”
      and if a format isnt played like mkv or contains a codec nor supported by video App, you could probably use VLC but seeing its just a non existing imaginary App. you could use xyplayer which Works faily good, or plex so you can transcode if a format isnt playable.

    • laserfloyd

      VLC was crowd funded for RT and is in the works. No idea on timeline.

    • wendoman

      mobile.HD Media Player plays MKV and other stuff. PowerDVD Mobile also nice but pricey. MediaMonkey for FLAC etc.

    • nohone

      I have tried a few Bluetooth keyboards, some from Microsoft some not, and they all work fine. Even the Apple Bluetooth keyboard works.

      • Guest

        Hey iFruit troll get lost!!!!

  • Super2online

    As you stated a must see video. So much of this has not been shown by Microsoft and its a crying shame. So many opportunities to differentiate and impress. It never ceases to amaze me how bad their marketing people are at demonstrating how good their products really are.

    • JimmyFal

      “how bad their marketing people are at demonstrating how good their products really are.”
      Well put.

    • NegLewis

      Look at here:

      99% of the people didn’t realize that MS is soo bog!!!

      Even worst: MS has not yet exit the transition stage – 50% of their pages are “Metro” and the rest are somehow Metro’ish or forgotten in the 90′ style…

      MS needs to build their image from ground up.
      And need to make people aware of MS again.

  • UMovies


  • UMovies

    I guess the same goes for the lumia 2520

  • Emily the Strange

    Shane really likes Surface and he has shown alot of good thing, even Microsoft has shown them.. but none paid attention.
    its nice to know Shane got the Surface 2, he could have bought Surface pro instead of RT and 2 haha, but oh well. I guess he is happy!
    I mean, its no secret you can use a remote software to control and have Access to desktop apps, Shane does it and he likes doing it that way, yet some people seem to think its something new.

  • jaylyric

    Excellent video.. We need to world to see it. This is what needs to be pushed to the masses.

  • Kruegerman

    This video needs to be pinned to the start screen of every Surface demo unit in existence.

  • Concept

    Why is this not a Surface commercial? Why is something like this not running on a 5 min loop video in every Windows Store and Best Buy? Why does it take a guy with 22 YouTube videos to produce a better video showing off the capabilities than any Surface commercial yet?
    Show this video to any consumer cross shopping any 10″ tablet and 9 out of 10 times they will pick the Surface 2.

    • Sean D.

      Because it didn’t take him millions of dollars to create this 11 min video. And for some reason it costs that much to make a 30 sec commercial.

      • Concept

        This shouldn’t be a 30 sec commercial because then you’ll have to use the “screen images simulated” disclaim in which many people will assume it doesn’t completely do what it does. And I’m pretty sure Microsoft can spend about $50k to produce a quality video just like this and allow some intern to upload it and watch it go viral. They could even pay one of the young bloggers like MKBHD to make a video like this. MKBHD has almost 1 million subscribers that would all be instantly intrigued by the Surface 2.

        With the video on a loop playing on a Surface 2 in Windows Stores and BestBuy consumers would stop see some the features then ask the store reps about “what tablet can do all of that?” then the only reply is, “Uhm, the one you’re watching it on.”

        • Sean D.

          That’s actually a very good idea. Hell doing that in a store like best buy can help sell other products… like PC peripherals, TV’s, speakers, etc.

  • Will

    Very cool! This is a great demo.

  • laserfloyd

    Great video. I like how he showed off multiple services and not just MS (Google, YouTube, Spotify, iWorks, etc). Appeared to be someone who genuinely gets use and enjoyment out of the device. I’m sold. Getting my wife one for xmas. Shh, it’s a secret. 😉

  • NegLewis

    What’s up with the background song?

    • Vincent

      No, that will never happen, Microsoft is testing all the apps for virus type of behavior, so 100% virus free ALL THE TIME

  • poken1151

    This video is great, but sadly it just highlights one of MS’s major… major problems.

    One doesn’t have to believe this is an iPad killer, fine. But how many people do you think would like to know these featiures are there? Then, contemplate how much of this Microsoft has actually advertised themselves?

    Have you seen this displayed or showed on a commercial? I didn’t even know the Voice Recog software was still left in to RT.

    Samsung’s done a commercial highlighting in great detail “doing two things at once”… OOOOOOO, yes Android is “king” of mobile multitasking at the moment, But their selling the feature better than MS at the moment.

    I’m not a hater or lover of one over another, but I like to see people fight well. MS needs to showcase more than what they have been. Even the recent commercials do little to show the actual features, just making a plea to say “look hybrid tech is still functional!”. Do more!

    Show this stuff. None of that is known to the public at large I’m sure. It’s not in an ad it’s not in a banner, it’s not on the box. But yet LOOK!

    I don’t mean to tear down MS or the Video here, but I’ve a fair assumption that if one’s posting on this site it’s with a hope to see the company, or the least it’s new direction and products, succeed. And for this to happen, their advertising and marketing team needs a b***h-slap to the face to wake up.

    • GG002

      I think you’re forgetting something. While advertisements are great, hearsay is even greater, and above all, it’s free for companies. That’s how most tech (and anything for that matter) proliferate. This YT video is hear-say material, although the few out there about Surface are dwarfed by the sheer number of such videos of other tablets and devices.

      • poken1151

        I agree. But what I’m unsure about is if the Surface is in a good position for that proliferation. I feel like the walls we can hit in trying to simply tell someone about great features is just a lot thicker than Apple or Google has to deal with for their respective platforms. So so added detail or hints in their video that those with the device or pushing it can help sell can only help. So this may be a video to help that, and I think it’s great. But I think they are still in a position where they need to work more of their features into their more public, direct commercials. The market they want to capture and hit is not all on the same boat for listening to someone else for input on the tablet (believe me, I’ve ran into quite a few users who’re not following these youtube trends as closely). Just saying would be nice to see more direct conversations about this kinda (awesome) stuff.

  • uncle_joe

    Awesome!! So many things I did not know you could do.

  • The1nChicago

    This is freaking amazing. MS needs to fire all their marketing team and use this guy. I never knew the surface 2 could do all that.

  • jvs


  • VK

    The guy just saved over a million dollar for MS in marketing spend. Seriously this is the only video that convinced me to buy a Surface 2.

  • DoolTala

    Apple’s brilliant marketing staff squeezes every possible “cool” feature that is available in iOS giving them a huge marketing edge over all their competition thus the huge fanatical following. They hyped the crap out of Siri and it was buggy as hell, but still sold millions of iPhone 4S’s when it came out. Marketing rules!

    Microsoft on the other hand just assumes we all know about their features and points out lame features like their ability to shoot in 40+ megapixels on the Lumia phone commercial (who cares about that!)

    Microsoft really should take notes from this video as this was truly the 1st REAL testament to this product that I have seen since it was introduced and I have been using MS products for nearly 20 years.

    For the sake of staying relevant: DO A BETTER JOB OF SELLING YOURSELF!

  • koenshaku

    I had no idea windows RT had this level of functionality same on your MS for not even covering this on your Surface 2 press event!!

    • Emily the Strange

      ehmm please… Windows RT IS WINDOWS 8 on ARM, or what? windows 8 or 7 couldnt do this??

      I dont get comments like you, Windows RT of course has some less features than windows running on AMD/intel. but still its windows, the only noticiable difference its in one you can install desktop apps and the other dont, thats all… after that, features difference is minimal… so again, how didnt you know Surface could do this if its windows?

      is people like you the ones that say “RT sucks” not having used it?
      im sure soon there will be a jailbreak for surface 2, and then again, the “cant install desktop apps” wouldnt be true (and only limited by those apps ported to ARM)

      • no

        From my RT 8.1 tablet: totally useless piece of crap. Most expensive netbook ever….

  • Darrell Webster

    Well done Pradeep. A very thorough demo of the MANY things a Surface2 can do, even though it’s ‘only’ running Windows 8 RT. Apple would be stewing if more demo’s like this were to go viral.

    • Darrell Webster

      Woops, credit to Sean Ong for the video demo :)

  • zp

    Great, great product demo. Thanks so much for this. You do a better job than a MSFT employee at the store.

  • Mike C

    is it possible to send the media to the tv like you did with sesame street at the same time use the surface for something else