My disgraceful Microsoft Surface experience at Best Buy


Picture of Windows 8 Devices as you enter  Best Buy

 Microsoft made a big deal announcing the expanded distribution of the surface tablet last week due to “an exciting public reaction” of the device. With that in mind, any reasonable person would have expected a coordinated and cohesive strategy in presentation and sale of these devices at the 3rd party stores. The reality however was far more shocking and not in a good way!

I had stopped by a local Staples last week after the aforementioned announcement and the reps at store then had no idea when the products would be available. They asked me to check in later in the week. I gave it a pass since it was fresh news.

Over the weekend, Richard Hays detailed the retail experiences on his website here, here and here. Then, a reader on the verge forums detailed his surface experience at Best Buy which mirrored mine.

Yesterday, the 17th of December, I walk into Best Buy  and I’m greeted by the standard Windows 8 display pictured above which seems to be common in all the stores. A sales rep the directs me to the computer section where the single device( I should say) is located. As I make my way through the aisles, my mind is filled with  great visions of finally seeing and touching  this premium device. But alas! I had expected too much. Here is what I first saw when I got to the destination.


The tablet was off (I had to turn it on) and hard to distinguish from the Asus vivo Tab  RT beside it to the left and of all things, a working iPad 2 to the right! here is a picture


Look closely at the bottom on the price tags and tell me if casual buyer looking for value would go for the $499 Surface? At $399, the iPad 2 clearly looks like a better value even though we know that the Surface has its strengths that surpass the iOS device.

Next I tried to check apps on the surface because I’ve read reviews and comments that some of the native apps especially mail are slow. Here is what I got


how about pictures?


IE10 had great reviews so lets check out how it performs shall we?


Google for the homepage?

The tablet had nothing setup which in essence rendered it useless.

What about that cool keyboard that clicks onto the devices?


Well, the helpful stockers at Best Buy shoved them under the table in such a way that you could not tell what they were. The device itself was not connected to either keyboard.

And now for the kicker, the description of the device.


It  was clearly a photocopied piece of paper hastily inserted in the plastic display casing in that it was sitting sideways! (sorry about the image quality, I was using a cheap phone)

By now, I’m livid and I locate a very unhelpful lady with a clipboard to inquire for some more information about the Surface. I ask her why the device is not setup like the other PCs on display with demo software so that I can really test it out. She looks at me funny and then tells me it’s all the same so it doesn’t matter. I insist that I would like to test the software on the device itself not on a different PC. Exasperated by my questions, she gives herself an out by saying she’ll get me one of the guys who is a Microsoft specialist to help me. I notice that she never asks to write my name on her handy clipboard.

By now I’m quite angry but I choose not to act a fool. I walk to the Apple display and take a few pictures on how the competition has their wares presented,

Here is the Mac line of Products


And now the iPad mini



The iPod touch


You notice how clean and professional looking they are. Additionally, they do not share any shelf space with their competitors.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has its own display


Surprisingly, so does the Amazon Kindle line of products


Finally last but not least, Google had their own distinct display for their Chrome books. Not only that, they had an official rep wearing a Google logo T-shirt to help any prospective customers with their questions.



It could be easy to say that it is all Best Buy’s fault. I disagree and put the whole blame on Microsoft’s sales and marketing divisions.

Their competitors have found a way to get their products professionally displayed on 3rd party stores and so should Microsoft. No excuses.

This reminds me of the Windows Phone 7 launch two years ago when lack of product, terrible displays and apathetic sales reps hindered the adoption of the new OS. The same problems are still plague the Surface tablet and to an extent Windows Phone 8.

I dare Microsoft executives from CEO Steve Ballmer,  Chief Financial Marketing Officer Tami Reller, Microsoft  Surface general Manager Panos Panay and corporate vice president at Microsoft in charge of  Retail Sales and Marketing Steve Schueler among others, to go undercover boss at some of these 3rd party retail outlets and then make a statement if they find the experience acceptable. If they do, they then clearly deserve to lose the battle in the “post-PC” world.

I left the store about an hour later disappointed to say the least and never speaking to the so called “Microsoft specialist.” I wondered, if I, somebody with tech know-how and likes Microsoft’s products had such a terrible experience, what about the average consumer?

The consumer and sales and marketing divisions at Redmond need an immediately overhaul or else be fired and new blood put in. The company has great products. They just need someone who can present and sell them in a professional and desirable way to the end consumer.

If its not yet clear, I love Microsoft products I would like see them to flourish in the marketplace by the company being more actively engaged in monitoring and shaping how their ecosystem is presented to the end consumer at the retail level.

Let us know of your experiences trying out or purchasing the Surface tablet since the expansion to 3rd party retail stores this week.

  • Alexander Nevrmind

    I blame Ballmer, again you do not put a product in stores without having the correct marketing material and paraphernalia.

    • SategB

      You are correct, poor management with bad strategy. The product was failing and to try to cover up the fact they push product to retails that they never intended for them to sell. The Surface in Best Buy and Staples is just a cover your a$$ move my MS because the product is doing a Zune/KIN.

  • Mark from CO

    Agree. Just had the same experience. I will be buying a Surface in the next couple of weeks. Went to Best Buy to check them out. Absolutely nothing. Went next door to Staples. The Surface was prominently displayed and easily found. Though I wished the salesperson knew more, he did have some basic knowledge and was enthusiastic about the product. Maybe there is some hope… But I agree that Microsoft in-store marketing leaves much to be desired!

    • Why?

      But if you will wait a couple of weeks to buy the Surface, why don’t you wait a little longer and get a Pro instead?

  • James Hancock

    This is why Best Buy is going bankrupt.

    • schnydz

      yep. BB has no true competition. Well at least in the form of an electronics appliance store. But really, other retailers like costco, target, wallmart are killing BB. Besides the product knowlege behind the sales personel in BB is really no different than these other stores. What’s the incentive to go there?

  • freeiam

    This is the end of Micro$oft

    • Tumultus

      Uhm, ok! But promise me to stop posting afterwards! :)

      • Filipe

        He might be a troll but, unfortunately, I’m forced to subscribe his words and I consider myself a Microsoft Fanboy…

  • redtidal

    BestBuy is a disgrace all to itself. They are going down the same road as Circuit City.

    I don’t understand why MS couldn’t train sales rep and send them to the store for product demo?

    • subhi

      I was at the best buy in Milpitas, CA. The Surface was on a table right upfront, near the cellphones. I went to the computer section and asked the salesrep if they had a Surface on display. He said told me that they didn’t receive any surface yet.

      Later I went by the cellphone section and found a surface sitting there without the transformational keyboard.

      • Alex_Horse


      • redtidal


  • littleteapot

    Stopped in at Best Buy today and slowly made my way around to the PC’s… no Surface display to be found. Played around with a few touch screen laptops for about 15 minutes, none of the sales staff even approached me. Walked the rest of the way around the store and finally spotted the display on the way out, hidden from view in the mobile section behind one of the many racks of IPhone accessories. I actually walked past it on my way in. Two windows phones, a Samsung slate I couldn’t even turn on, then the Surface. The whole thing looked dumpy and sad….

  • Oliver

    Nice to see someone put my feelings into words with this article.

    I live in London and visited a John Lewis store today (the only shop that currently sells the Surface here) to check out the Surface stand. I watched for a good few minutes as people walked right past the Surface and onto the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire HD and iPad sections, enthusiastically testing them out while being egged on by staff. Why is there no push for the Surface too? This is the case with all Windows 8 products as far as I can see.

    Everyone knows Apple get special treatment from… everyone. It is no surprise to me that they get their own stand, and I presume Chromebooks get one because there are a few of them and it’s a new OS. If there were more Windows tablets, they would get their own too.

    Onto your point about the functionality of the test Surface… as far as I’m aware, this is the case with all tablets over here in the UK. They stick a model out there and don’t let you sign into any accounts so effectively all you can do is check how quickly it runs and play some games. A shame, but certainly not a problem exclusive to Surface.

  • the person

    This is best buys fault not Microsoft. I’ve seen John Lewis displays and they do it right. Staples has less complaints but isn’t much better.

    • Samil Shah

      Really?? I went to John Lewis’ flagship store in London. Apple stuff in your face and neatly and beautifully presented. Android and samsung quite reasonable but not as good. The windows stuff was just all over the place with no though. They had two surfaces: one hidden amongst much cheaper android tablets the second hidden amongst some laptops. No signs or marketing etc. The other RT tablets were treated even worse, one even had a label only giving the price not even the product name!

    • Alex_Horse

      No, that is MS responsibility and it is in their best interest to ENFORCE the right presentation of their devices. Just build cool looking product stands and bring it to retail stores! Have a person to go around daily and monitor stands condition or set a web cams monitoring stands. Have reps at least in the busiest locations!

      A stand like this would cost max 500 USD produced locally with delivery to a store. That is one Surface sale.

      MS are you listening??

      I quote from the article:

      “The consumer and sales and marketing divisions at Redmond need an immediately overhaul or else be fired and new blood put in. The company has great products. They just need someone who can present and sell them in a professional and desirable way to the end consumer.”

      • the person

        Listen, Microsoft can’t go around policing these stores. And technically MS has already made the sale so they don’t care if BB moves them. However if BB does a fire sale or anything MS will need to step in to protect their brand reputation.

        • schnydz

          That is horrible logic. MS already made the sale? So what do they care? Really? I guess future sales don’t matter? This is dumb. And yes, they can go around policing these store. Other OEMs do why not MSFT?

          • the person

            from a purely monetary standpoint yes they have made the sale. They cannot control the rest of the channel. If BB wanted to discount them and sell at a loss they could. It might jeopardize future business with MS but they could do it.

          • arrow2010

            Wrong if BB doesn’t sell this inventory there will be no 2nd order to Microsoft, so they very much care.

        • Alex_Horse

          “And technically MS has already made the sale so they don’t care if BB moves them”
          I really doubt that is the case. BB takes goods for sale but they cannot prepay for everything they are stocking. Don’t they pay to producers AFTER they sell goods??
          Sent from my Windows Phone

          • the person

            I know MS counts sales to resellers and nothing more….same way they count copies of Windows

        • arrow2010

          I think Apple does go around policing these 3rd party stores.

        • techblogger

          Yes Microsoft can police it. What the OP should do is collect the names of the store managers and their photos and fire off an email the the corporate office and publish that online. This is just plain sloppy and it reflects on the entire shore.

        • Robert_IT

          Actually they can and should if they expect sales to occur. All vendors occasionally place reps in BestBuy stores.
          Microsoft needs to check on retail stores to ensure their products are being represented properly. This is a common practice among the better vendors to send reps out to check out their retail sites.

  • JimmyFal

    I blame Microsoft for announcing 75 new stores 3 years ago, and not reaching that target, and I blame Microsoft for not having 375 stores instead of a mere 75. It is clear that MS needs to take this entire experience away from the Best Buys of the world. The Windows consumer is being treated like crap, and the OEM’s don’t give a crap.

    • blackhawk556

      of course they give a crap. they have android now, and it sells! licensing fees are “lower” and people want to buy it. trust me, if android wasn’t has popular as it is right now, OEMs would demand that their windows 8 products be displayed more professionally.

      • JimmyFal

        You got me there. It’s funny to see Android in the same position as MS was years ago, with a cheaper, functional, more open operating system, than the competition. I’m sure Android will be learning a lot of lessons about security as time goes by.

    • arrow2010
  • Daniel Pena

    these “marketing” displays are for the uninformed consumer. Are these people going to really use any of these devices for more than surfing the web? Their user base diminishes what real informed users are looking for in a tablet/pc. I wouldn’t buy a surface based on a store display or any other tablet for that matter, I don’t know why we should care that they market to I’ll informed users that don’t what they need in the first place.

  • Jim Browski

    yeah. that’s pretty bad. if you go to a Microsoft Store, they have the Surface tablets set up on tables with the Touch Cover or Type Cover attached. all of the tablets are on of course… but I know the default power settings on the Surface call for the screen to timeout really fast and for sleep to occur quickly. so, it wouldn’t surprise me if MS Store employees had to go around waking them. I’m not sure if the tablets were configured to access the Store, but I do know the guy next to me was prompted to log in to when he tried to play a song via XBox Music

    • Portico Lover

      There’s no waking needed. Surfaces in the store go into a screensaver demo when idle.

  • sledge1234

    had a better experience at john lewis near bond street in london. there was a dedicated staff who told me she was only trained a couple of days before and had dumped her ipad with her kid brother and taken on the surface since then.
    there were a couple of surface RTs on a dedicated table, not as massive as the apple table though. the staff was quite knowledgable and when i tested her by asking about installing software and stuff she advised me to wait for the pro and that the pro was more suited for business. so i’ve had a better experience at john lewis.

  • Hal Berenson

    My experience described at

  • Heath Cates

    Go to any best buy and just listen to what they tell any consumer about any product and you will be disgusted. I understand upselling and am not simply talking about trying to get people to spend money on things they don’t need. They willfully tell absolute falacies about their products and capabilities.

    • Smith

      I know… I remember once I went there too look at something and a stupid Best Buy girl was telling to a couple that this Android 3G phone (obviously a crappy Android Phone) has faster internet than their cable internet at home!
      I was like WHAT THE… Can’t wait to see a day that Best Buy will be another Circuit City.

  • Socrates

    Very similar experience at Best Buy in Cy-Fair Houston.
    I think windows consumers should take pics and tweet it to #BestBuy and #Microsoft including the branch location. There has to be a massive response from consumers before ylthey take proper action. This goes for ATT stores too. Only in this industry!

  • oldjovian

    Yes, Microsoft is doing a poor job in many areas with the education and promotion of Windows 8 products.

    I’m getting a Surface for Christmas anyway, but it’s being purchased directly from Microsoft.

    With all these launches of various Windows 8 products, I do think Microsoft bit off more than they can chew, but I haven’t given up on them yet . . .

  • Sam Sabri

    Your first problem was going to Best Buy

  • surface239

    I was at the Best Buy in Las Vegas today and they seemed to have a better setup. Two actually. They had an entire display setup for Windows 8, which included laptops, tablets and a Surface. Oddly, the display was in the cellular phone area a good 40 feet from the computer section and the Surface did not have a touch/type cover. There was another area in the general tablet section that had several Windows 8 tablets, including another Surface that actually had a touch cover. The best part was the Best Buy employee was actually explaining the advantages of having Office built into the system. Oh, and both of the Surfaces were turned on, though I did not try to open any programs. It could still be much, much better, but at least this Best Buy wasn’t as horrible as many of the other experiences I have read about.

  • David

    BestBuy sucks big time and this is not new. They are over price compare to other stores and I can tell most of their staff has no idea what they are selling. I heard so many dumb and laughable things about products which you expect they must know better.

    Then there is fanboyism problem which seems Best Buy is one of them and they try so hard to be Apple or Google b**** specially Apple.

    I understand that people have these kind of feelings towards companies but Best Buy as retail store and business have to be much more professional and market products from all companies (specially Microsoft in this case) in same level.

    The way they do business if I want to buy computer (Desktop/Laptop) or MP3 player or Phone I will buy it anywhere except Best Buy. First most probably I will save money second why give my money to a retail store that is trying so hard to be in bed with companies I don’t like and doesn’t show respect to products and companies I like.

    They can market and act like this but they can also make sure I always do my best to keep people away from Best Buy so they do their shopping somewhere else.
    Do yourself a favor and shop somewhere else to save more and get better customer service.

  • Nicolas Ramz

    Sad article :-(

    I live in France and the Surface has been made available in popular retail stores like Fnac and Boulanger this week end.

    Unfortunately, the very same poor experience can be seen: next to the lightened beautiful apple section, with working (and screen turned on!!), iPads, there is the poor surface tablet:

    – the screen is turned off
    – there’s a password set so nothing at all can be done/seen when turned on !!
    – the keyboard, that is a key advantage of the surface is nowhere to be found !

    There is no way that a new normal customer would buy anything but an iPad… no way!

    Seeing similar results in USA, I’m wondering: why are Apple products so well presented when compared wih other products ? Is Apple doing anything to have such nice dedicated sections ? Or is it up to the retailer to do so ?

    I really don’t understand.. and it’s not like I was working in marketing/sales.. I’m just a web developper.. but these are *obvious* things to do when displying your products! Turning on thr screen, removing any passwords,…

    • Nicolas Ramz

      Oh, and btw the same problemd can be seen with the kindle displayed nect to it: screen turned off, and no way to turn it on…

      When you know the difference with Apple retail stors is even bigger (screens turned off, batteries down, crashed devices (!!)), it’s not surprising Microsoft is having a hard time passign the 5% market share :-(

      If I didn’t know about Windows Phone before entering into a store, there’s no way I would end up buying anything but a samsung or apple device…

      Sad truth… you have to do something about it Microsoft ! Throwing huge ad campaign with huge surface or windows phone banners has no use when that’s the experoence you get in a store :-(

  • Masondk

    What was the location of the Best Buy?

  • Guin261

    This is how JB Hi-Fi display stuff in Australia (Perth) also. Their tablet table is a disaster of cables, blank screens and devices haphazzardly “organised” on a single bench. The apple bench is immaculate and I have noticed now that Samsung have started building the same kinds of benches in stores to display their gear. Also, many of the laptops for reasons unknown to me are showing a blue screen for the Automatic Repair function. So you cant actually use most of the laptops with W8 on them. The one new tablet on display was a Dell XPS thing with a flip screen in a frame. The screen was completely unresponsive to touch, but worked fine with a mouse.

  • elpadr1no

    I don’t know how the majority of you are blaming Best Buy when they have Apple, Android and Chromebook products well set up and looking good. The blame rests squarely on Microsoft. We may all be fanboys but we shouldn’t make excuses for them when they don’t perform. If we want the apps that comes with developer interest which itself comes from sales, then we need for Microsoft to actually follow through.

  • hapishyguy

    The guy working in BestBuy is an Apple fanboy. The manager tells him to work on Microsoft side as per the new product launch. So the fanboy goes but he dont really care if he loses the customers AND he will do it intentionally too.
    Again, its a fault of BestBuy and also of Microsoft at first place. Get to the root level Microsoft and and see how your products are handled in the retail stores.

  • TryllZ

    From all of this, what I got is that the reader just wants an iDevice, but I don’t understand the point of the non-sense story…”Google as a homepage”…wat non-sense…

    If you are so annoyed, go get in line of the iLosers…and wait to get 1..why whine…

  • Kevin Danker

    I am responding on my Surface. It is a wonderful device and everyone that sees it in my hands is so curious about it. I sadly agree that your Best Buy experience was pathetic. No wonder they are in such a mess. These new MS products are so great but just don’t get the proper exposure they deserve.

  • oreo74

    I visit multiple Best Buys in South Florida often as I work for 3rd party company conducting secret shops and I dont understand all this negative reaction. Every store I’ve been had at least one Surface fully set up and some stores even had two. I was able to get assistance from very knowledgeable people and in some stores Microsoft people were availble to support, at least I think they were for they had a Microsoft shirt on. I do lots of these secret shops around not just Best Buy and usualy fir the most part the got their stuff together.

    • Bugbog

      I’d say those stores definitely know they’re on your visiting list!

  • Alex_Horse

    “Google as a homepage” – that’s the best part of this sad story!

  • Alex_Horse

    I will repeat myself – this is not a Best Buy or anyone else responsibility. Yes, the chain management would not mind extra sales from a “new” device but they are not going to go in any lengths unless there are a special scheme is set for them with rewards, paybacks etc., etc. I am not familiar with retail/producer dealing but even then it is not “their baby” to pamper it and give it the best treatment.

    It is MS responsibility and it is in their best interest to ENFORCE/ENSURE the right presentation of their devices!!! Build cool looking product stands and bring it to retail stores! Have a person to go around daily and monitor stands condition or set a web cams monitoring stands. Have reps at least in the busiest locations!
    Consumer sales doesn’t work the same as corporate sales. Wake up MS!

  • Gavin Tom

    my god, yup Microsoft better light the fire on the company that they saved a few years ago.

  • Luis Madaleno

    Agree! Microsoft doesn’t know how to sell their products. Big Fail!!! They rely on partners, but partners do not do a good job.
    Apple find this out many year ago and now they are collecting…

    Some times I feel that Microsoft has to many incompetent people working there.

    Let’s face it, this is basic marketing knowledge. If they fail in the basics…

    I love WP and W8 (have and use both), but I have to admit that out of the box, Apple products give users a better and smoother experience. Right from the minute they buy it at the store.

    For example, almost 2 months after the release of WP8, were are the phones?
    In Portugal the only one you can buy is the HTC 8X. Where are the Nokias?

    Apple products are everywhere, that’s the difference.

  • MacZealot

    *points* *laughs*

  • Microsoft employee

    Even worse is trying to buy a Linux machine at Best Buy! They don’t even display them. It’s a DISGRACE that Best Buy props up the stuff that people are going to buy the most of, that will just make them the most money. Yes that’s right folks, Best Buy isn’t doing Microsoft ANY FAVORS… they’re really just in it for THEMSELVES, all for the sake of money. If that’s any way to run a business, then I don’t want to have anything to do with it.

  • Uriel

    I work as Microsoft Specialist in France and you know what guys ? It’s quite a battle everyday to have all Microsoft’s product well displayed in store.
    People who work in retail doesn’t care about making money they just do the less they can. To have a product displayed is already a victory and please remember that all of this was very sudden (for us too) and that Apple has been in store for years…
    We’re trying our best to show how great the MS ecosystem is great, so please continue to support our products :)

  • rmark

    My experience was on Monday where no Surface was on display, where it should have been was an empty counter shared be a couple other devices next to the empty shelf. I asked about it and was told the store manager loved it and had been using it. They went and retrieved it from behind the service counter and let me check it out. They didn’t promote the product and say anything bad about it. Just that is seemed like it would be a good product.
    The next day at an Best Buy Express across the road, I found it on display with a WP HTC 8X and it was a display designed for the phone and Surface. I was asked if I needed any help, but by then I had decided to wait until the Surface Pro was out before deciding on which Surface to buy.

  • Craig S.

    I sent a link of the above to Ballmer and he responded saying “We have much going on”

  • Jason89

    Agreed. I was in Best Buy a few days ago and had to prop the Surface back up on its kickstand (it was askew on its back), fix the Samsung tablet next to it so that it would be straigtened, on, and usable, etc. Did this because I care about Surface sales, unlike apparently all of the blue shirts milling about. This was in the front of the store – over by the PCs, there is not a Surface. By the tablets, only Androids and Kindle Fires. Someone was looking at tablets and the salesperson was discussing the relative merits of Nexus 7 and iPad – not mention of Surface. And of course Apple has a nice display. As you indicated this reminded of what happened with Windows Phone in the retail outlets too. Sad.

  • Triplany

    I had a very similar experience at BestBuy and Futureshop. My favorite part was when I asked their computer sales guy to activate the internet on it so I could try it and he proceeded to go to desktop!, and fumbled around trying to click the little icons in the system tray. I just shook my head and after 30 mins he just walked away saying sometimes their internet doesn’t work correctly. It’s a shame as I really like the new win 8 tablets and could only imagine how many people have passed one over because of a similar experience

  • techer

    Surface wasn’t even with the tablets at Galleria Mall, Cambridge ma, best buy. It was pretty much hidden behind a column without foot traffic. It was off. Sadly there is a Microsoft r&d just a few blocks away.

  • Ryan Frank

    I just wanted to make a quick comment. The article is completely correct. I have not been in retail for some time but when I was I learned a lot about how chains such as Best Buy and Staples Etc worked and this problem is directly Microsoft’s problem not the stores. Those end caps and displays are not bought and paid for by Best Buy. Most of the time Best Buy does not even set them up, it is up to the agent of the company (or a hired tech) to come in and set everything up, test, and then document and show people at the company he works for that it looks and works correctly. Additionally Apple,Amazon, etc. all have to pay Best Buy for the space that they use with there premium end caps and area’s. The lack of this setup by Microsoft is a clear failure on their part. I could not agree with the author more. I really hate that they have not learned from previous lessons. In my opinion Windows Surface RT was another dumb move. I understand that they needed something to release when they released win 8 but for all the true power users of windows the win RT surface is a joke. I am currently working as a IT contractor for the US army and stationed in Israel and I planned my vacation around being able to get a surface pro (before they released info that said it was to be 3 months after the RT model) and I went to the times square Windows store just to find out that the people working in the store did not know hardly any technical info about the product. They promised me an email. That was in late Nov. I am still waiting for that email….. Anyway if anyone from MS is reading this please take this away. Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. You have a good product and yet its the stupid stuff like basic sales that you guys are dropping the ball on… Come on guys. This is basic stuff. Wake up and get your ass in gear before more of your market share goes away. Plus I guarantee that within 3 years we are going to see a “Android” OS and when that happens I know if I worked for MS I would start to worry because on a worldwide market Android is kicking everyone’s @$$. When Google converts those people from mobile device to full OS customers Microsoft will be in trouble.

  • badtouch3

    none of the photos are working any more.