Mysterious Major Microsoft announcement March 15th

calendar_March_15Microsoft is expected to make a major announcement on March 15th 2011, but so far no-one is the wiser about the actual topic or content.

Various blogs note the major news of the quarter have already been announced, such as Windows phone 7 updates, IE9 RC and so forth, which leaves precious little to get excited about.

On the other hand it is of note that Microsoft will be having a number of sessions around cloud computing and Health Vault, Microsoft’s Online health record keeping service,  on that same day, so while the topic may be exciting for IT managers we expect most consumers will end up rather the opposite.

But who knows, maybe Microsoft does have something sexy under a tarp, ready to expose to the world. Maybe its all about Facebook shutting down on the same day?  :) 

Do any of our readers have any inside info? Let us know below.

  • David Lee

    No inside info… but speculation maybe. Tablet?

    • Anonymous

      Thats rather big to keep secret, but if so, more power to them :)

    • Michael Lococo

      That would be nice but Microsoft would probably not actually make it.

  • Anonymous
  • daniel gandhi

    steve ballmer stepping down

  • Ian Wold

    Windows 8. I can feel it!

    Probably not, but it would be cool.

  • Garen Yöndem

    It will be about IE9 and/or Azure platform.

  • Jurjenmulder

    Microsoft to buy TomTom

  • Cmbie

    So where is the announcement? Did they pull the announcement?