Native Support to Apple Airplay Competitor Miracast Coming To Windows 8.1

We previously reported Windows 8.1’s enterprise features, among these is native support for wireless format Miracast. This gives users an easy way to mirror their screens on supported devices.  Miracast was designed as an open alternative to Apple’s AirPlay.  This technology may also pop up in the Xbox.  An equivalent Airplay technology for Windows has been a much requested feature for quite some time, it’s looks like its finally here.



  • B_Sack

    Miracast needs to be adopted everywhere asap.

  • Haymo

    It’s about time. Thank god this is coming to the Xbox One. The Xbox One already has Wifi-Direct to support Miracast

  • hysonmb

    Is DLNA not considered an alternative to AirPlay? It existed before AirPlay and offers the same capabilities on enabled devices.