Nearly 1 in 4 PCs Using Steam is Running Windows 8

Since Valve Corporation co-founder, and former Microsoft employee, Gabe Newell publically called Windows 8 a “catastrophe,” it’s been fun game to look at the Steam user statistics every month.

For the month of June we see PC gamers still prefer to use Windows, with a dominating 95.35% of OS share among Steam users. All versions of MacOS combined control 3.42% among Steam gamers, and Linux comes in at third with 1.13%.

For a further breakdown of Windows, Windows 7 still leads with 62.06%. Combining Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 we see 24.98% OS share among Steam gamers. Up nearly 2% from last month and up 5% from January of this year.  Windows XP usage still remains around 5% even though the operating system has hit end-of-life.

I suspect when DX12 is released we will see a further shift to Windows 8 off Windows 7 among gamers.

Source: Steam

  • koenshaku

    DX12 will release for windows 7 as well. I personally keep windows 7 on my desktop, but when I build my next system it may run windows 8 I dunno yet.

    • surilamin

      While this is true, if you parse what has been said publicly, Windows 7 will only get a subset of the DX12 features. So for high performance gaming, it may be best to move to Win8.

      • Asgard

        Yeah it is said to be software-level support only as with current graphics card. And that is a good move from MS because it will make W8 to have superior performance over W7, which makes W8 (artificially) look better.

  • Thoughtful

    I would never go back to Windows 7 after having Windows 8.

    • Emi the Strange

      they work similar but in the end Windows 8 works better. even the win+x menu makes so much nicer to go to some advanced stuff.
      sometimes I just go to start screen by just scroll and relax and see quick news in live tiles.
      but some people seem so dramatic about the changes, like if the small old start menu wasn’t stupid and rigid, it wasn’t fun to use, and less if you were a mouse user like me.
      last time I was trying to use charm bars in Win7 to shut the computer down, just that made me think how boring win7 is.
      but Win8 vs Win7, well you can make it look the same.. but again, some people like to complain and are just closed minded even if they think “Oh I am so into technology, and I love it” like this Gabe guy.

  • Vandrey Trindade

    Funny. I look at that survey every moth too since that person said that s*** =p

    Where are the Linux community? No one knows…

    Windows 8.1 is a better OS than Windows 7. But people criticize it just because of the start menu.
    My mom uses it with no problem… how some IT people can’t use it?

    Microsoft had a vision of a future. Everything now is trying to have “live tiles”.
    It doesn’t hurt to acknowledge that Microsoft did something good…

    I’m with Microsoft. I use IE11, I use Bing, I use OneDrive, I use Windows 8.1 with update 1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Nothing missing for me =]

    • Bugbog

      Looking at it in reflection (although it’s not that far back), I think the uproar and outcry from a great section of the industry (ISV’s, Producers, & Manufacturers not tech media) was more of an cynical, uncoordinated ‘network effect’ defence measure.

      More a method of slowing down adoption and protecting their particular share of the pie than reluctance to view it for what it was.

  • Eli_Vance

    Gabe was upset that MS was going to sell games through the Windows Store. He didn’t like the fact that someone else would be making money from games.

    Fatty should stop complaining about MS and get to work on HL3