Net Applications: Windows 8 Now On 1.64% Of PCs

Windows 8 was released by Microsoft almost 2 months back and since that OEMs are shipping PCs based on Windows 8 along with Windows 7. We already saw some data about Windows 8 market share and now according to Net Applications data, Windows 8 has grabbed 1.64% of overall Windows PC market share. Also the whole Windows market share have grown to 91.74% with Windows 7 grabbing 45.11%.

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Source: TNW

  • Naga Harish Movva

    Windows 8 really fast… from booting.. But, I miss start button anyway….

    • Thomas Höllriegl

      I told this a thousand times… the whole Modern UI IS the Startbutton! All programs are listed there, and if you search for one, just start typing. No one Needs the Start-Button anymore!

      • huyle

        totally agree with you. love win 8. in win 7, i spent 5s to open an application but win 8 it take me 2s

        • trowfd

          Exactly. Everything I do, I do faster and easier in windows 8 than 7. And this is with a normal laptop usually using a proper mouse.

      • SategB

        If you been told this a thousand times, for a logical well reasoning individual, that would be in indication that the UI is not as intuitive as it needs to be. Modern OS architecture should offer “Conveyance” and as your own words tell you Windows 8 systematically, and does so from the beginning, omits this basic design quality.

        Can one learn how to move past this or it many other issues, yes but if the build gave “Context” then “Conveyance” learning curve would be greatly reduced and more readily adopted.

        We can only make the company better if we put proper blame on the company for product flaws rather then trying to find external excuses for them.

        • HrithikRoshan

          ^This ^

          It very important not to blame users but too quickly and diligently inform Microsoft the problems these people are experiencing. We can not afford to have another Vista situation on our hand, the speed of the market is too fast moving for us to correct in time if too many delays.

          We will delay if do not see problems as the responsibility of Microsoft to correct. The more vocal and accurate we are about these problems on favorites site like these sooner bad build fixed.

  • Windows 8

    OK enugh figure but it would increase tremendously if the PC and Tab makers realize its true potential and lauch more and more devices and do it fast !!
    I love Windows 8, spending more and more time on it.

  • LPHeadstrong

    So Windows 8 has a bigger market-share than Linux? Steam, c’mon, where’s your app?

    • the person

      too late. fatboy Gabe needs to finish eating his crow and ship a Steam Metro client already.

  • MissingMatter
    • brevi

      It’s now at 1.87%. Could it do that in 2 hours?

      • sumedh

        possible..purchases for the new year maybe.. Just an assumption :-)

  • DisobayedSoup

    Windows 8 and/or Windows “Blue” share is gonna explode as XP’s end of life approaches in the next 12 to 14 months ….. I may have to finally abandon my trusty IBM (note IBM) T40 running XP Pro and bury it in the back yard after 10 years….:)

  • Mythos88

    If you change the period to this week and add the 3 flavours of W8 together it is up 2.22 now. They have W8 Touch and W8 Touch RT seperated for some reason.

  • Tips_y

    In two months time, W8 is now almost 25% of all Mac OS worldwide?!!! WOW!

  • Ocelotty1

    I’ve been hooked on Win 8 for months now, once mashed into shape it leaves everything else in the dust including that comparatively slow & laggy Win 7 – Oh, and to address the Steam issue get the app Pin Steam. :)